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Oregon’s creativity lights up

Maybe they could brand Oregon as a creative capital.

Oregon industries reflect on tough economy, and look ahead

Oregon’s traded-industry sectors — natural resources, high-tech, manufacturing, creative services and green technologies — act as key indicators for the state’s economic performance. Here’s a snapshot of how some are doing and their ideas for weathering the recession.

Give kicker money to schools, Oregon business leaders suggest

Oregon’s top business leaders are weighing in on one of the state’s touchiest tax issues: recommending that the state divert at least some of the popular kicker tax rebates into a rainy day fund to help protect schools from budget cuts.

Intel of Oregon to take lead with tiniest chip on market

Intel’s latest chip technology was largely created at the company’s Hillsboro research factory, known as D1D, where about 600 engineers worked to build the chip on a scale many times narrower than a human hair. Intel is Oregon’s largest private employer, with about 15,000 workers in Washington County.

European solar company considers Gresham, Oregon plant

Dark economic clouds shadowing businesses worldwide aren’t discouraging solar companies from considering manufacturing in Oregon.

OVP says it’s committed to Oregon

Venture firms outside Oregon have shown fresh interest in the state lately. Seattle-based Madrona Venture Group and Voyager Capital each stationed new representatives in Portland this year.

Governor Proposes $20.5M in Lottery Funds for Continuing Oregon Innovation Efforts

The governor’s plan aims to expand and diversify the state’s economic base by attracting new industries and companies, building on the $28.2 million innovation plan signed into law last year.

Portland woos wind-power giant Vestas

Adams and Gov. Ted Kulongoski have vowed to make Oregon a hub for a new green economy, and Vestas could add considerable heft to their cause.

Portland State University to use $25 million for sustainability research

Campus leaders and professors envision large-scale research throughout Portland on cutting-edge environmental, building, business and social projects.

Billion-Dollar Transportation Plan Announced in Oregon

"Investing in transportation in tough times sets us up for success in good times."