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Will Portland’s Wi-Fi disconnect?

Web access – It was a rocky road to the city’s partial system, and disputes with MetroFi Inc. could scuttle the project

The Most Bicycle Friendly City In America – Portland, Oregon

Two local transportation advocates shed light on the plans and policies that have made Portland, Oregon the bicycle capital of the U.S.

Blueprint for Oregon’s Future

Called ”Envision Oregon,” these forums challenged more than 2,200 participants from over 140 towns and places in Oregon to describe their vision for Oregon’s future, and to help create strategies for making that vision a reality. They also formed the foundation for Blueprint for Oregon’s Future.

Portland Ambassadors host business leaders on a "best practices" trip to Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

The Portland Ambassadors’ first European Best Practices visit is the latest in a series of trips to top-rated, forward-thinking cities.

Greenlight Greater Portland – Study identifies the Portland-area industries to retain and the ones to recruit.

The analysis is taking a more detailed look at occupations. This step is important, because regions are competing increasingly on the "basket of skills" they produce.

Corvallis, Oregon named greenest city in U.S.

The magazine and Sperling’s BestPlaces looked at 24 factors in five categories, including mass-transit use, green power policies, biofuel and wind power availability, number of green-certified buildings, farmers markets, organic producers and air and watershed quality.

Oregon Investment Fund beefs up local investments

Once the new fund is completed, the overall $108 million worth of investments will mark about a 25 percent increase from the end of 2006.

Creating Jobs Creates Sustainable Cities

Portland city officials are warming up to the idea that jobs are key to sustainable cities, and have proposed a plan to try to lure sustainable businesses to the city.

Web site links golfers even off the course. GolfingMyWay.com started by University of Oregon business students

"We just decided to do it ourselves," said Rasmussen. "And the more we began to brainstorm potential features and ideas the more we all became excited (and) confident that this would succeed."

For startups, Portland area getting better. More programs are offering funds, advice to help new companies get off the ground

"We have a lot of potential, but without some successes we are just not going to attract venture capital money."