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His Bottom Line: Educating the World’s Kids. At Microsoft, John Wood Wasn’t Interested in Money. All He Wanted Was Change.

How to put this gently? John Wood is making the rest of us look bad.

Five years later, the Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation has donated nearly $500,000 to nonprofits

"What you’re doing is a vital part of the energy that has made America strong,"

Google Founders Start For-Profit Philanthropy with a mandate to fight poverty, disease and global warming.

This part of will be fully taxable, with the ability to invest in a full spectrum of programs and companies.

A gift for an entire village. A failed mountaineer becomes a philanthropist after a village without a school saves his life. Greg Mortenson and his Bozeman-based Central Asia Institute

Today, 13 years after Mortenson’s failure as a mountaineer on K2, his success as a humanitarian continues to grow. By the end of the book, he has made 27 trips to Pakistan, commuting halfway around the world with the casual air of a business traveler shuttling between Boston and New York. He has built 55 schools.

The Montana Nonprofit Association September 2006 Newsletter

September 2006 eNews

Philanthropy at work in Glacier National Park. The Glacier National Park Fund.

The Glacier Fund has provided more than $1.3 million to Glacier National Park and has grown to the point where we have become our own independent foundation called the Glacier National Park Fund

3000 free cdx plywood sheets for Montana non-profits

After the Rolling Stones concert in Missoula, October 5th the concert managers want to get rid of the ply wood sheets but only to a non-profit organization (or several).

MNA Hosts Nonprofit Congress Town Hall Meetings In Kalispell 9/19, Bozeman 9/20, And Helena, 9/26

The Nonprofit Congress is a national movement to build a common agenda for the sector through grassroots visioning – already over 100 meetings have taken place across the country with thousands of participants. We need your help to add Montana’s voice to this important initiative to shape the future of the sector.

Montana Nonprofit Association Receives Nearly $200,000 in Grants from Foundations

The grant awards will allow MNA to expand its programming in advocacy and public policy, professional and organizational development, and discount products and services.

Internet latest forum for volunteer work

Instead of building homes, volunteers like Murphy can build Web sites.