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20 potential students have signed up for Parent Leadership Training Institute interviews in Glendive, Montana

PLTI is designed for parents who want to learn how to have a positive voice in the community for themselves and their children. It also appeals to those who are interested in quality education.

8 + Team Development Models

There are several proven, effective team development models available. A leader should pick one, learn it, and use it consistently.

GE chairman talks about renewing American leadership

“Leaders must become systems thinkers who are comfortable with ambiguity,” he said. “Success requires problem solving, and connecting the dots. This requires intellectual breadth and tactical depth. We must understand technology, globalization, politics, economics, human resources. We must understand how government, community, the environment, business, academics all connect. And we must apply this to solving problems.”

University of Montana students meet to discuss leadership

“It starts with us working with students telling us what they want.”

How to Maximize Collaboration and Reach Consensus in Under an Hour

First of all, it’s important to define what’s meant by “consensus”.

You Will Lead the Same Way You Follow, So Be Careful How You Follow

Want to learn how to behave effectively when you are given the privilege to lead others? Learn how to behave effectively as you engage with those that you grant the privilege of leading you.

7 Elements of a Great Leadership Development Workshop

Here are some things I’ve learned over time that will lead to a great leadership development experience.

Leading with Courage: Run Toward the Roar

The following practices of effective leaders all take courage. They are not all instinctual, however. Many must be learned.

From the Big Sky to the Big Sea: Montana Natives Excel At U.S. Naval Academy

“It’s awesome how much responsibility the administration gives you in terms of leading and being in charge,” added Shaffer. “There’s so much opportunity to fulfill leadership roles and motivate your classmates.”

Centered leadership through the crisis: McKinsey Survey results

Practicing each dimension of the centered-leadership model is linked to higher levels of personal and professional satisfaction.