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A Montana sheriff’s plug for pre-K

Lewis & Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton says a new national report linking early childhood education to crime reduction tracks with his personal experience.

Missoula County approves green energy financing plan. Steps to take and people to consult with.

“This is a super positive step forward,” Strohmaier said. “It’s been something that has been in the works for many years… It’s great to see Missoula County out on the tip of the spear here getting it implemented in the state of Montana.”

University of Montana Seeking Community Partners for Third Annual Big Sky Experience

Big Sky Experiences fall within six categories: environment and sustainability; science and technology; communication and artistic expression; business and entrepreneurship; health and human development; and justice, policy and public service.

More countries are trying out shorter workweeks without salary loss

Newsweek’ reports that Belgium has become the latest country to offer workers the right to a four-day workweek without loss of salary.

How to stay focused as a new CEO

‘Is this what you want your CEO working on?’

High-Profile Study Reveals Why Most Meetings Are Ineffective. It Only Takes 1 Simple Step to Fix It.

Most meetings participants are passive observers — which is why you need a method for actively engaging each one of them.

Strong female presence helps fuel success at McLaughlin Research Institute – Podcast

February 11th marks the International Day for Women and Girls in Science. In Montana, you have to look no further than the McLaughlin Research Institute in Great Falls as a leading example.

Great Falls Economic Development Top 10 for 2-15-22

We’re looking for production-level housing developers to build in the Great Falls market. A recent study documented market demand for over 400 new homes per year. Developers, we’re eager to help you put projects together.

City Club Missoula Forum – Dynamic economic forces that are shaping the community and how they affect people living here

“We’re at a critical turning point for what this place looks like in 10 years,” Kier said. “The extent that we keep making it look the same jeopardizes who gets to stay here and live here. If we want to create a place for people, we might need to make some compromises and sacrifices about the way the built environment looks to us.”

Missoula Economic Partnership: Rising wages, remote work, inflation at play in local economy

Grant Kier, president of MEP, met with Missoula County commissioners last week to discuss his organization’s new strategic plan. Within that conversation, other issues surfaced including the trend of remote work, the wages it now commands and its potential impacts locally.