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How to be a More Strategic Leader Part 2: The Development Plan

When discussing why a particular manager isn’t ready for promotion, or is seen as having a lack of potential, the reason I hear the most often is “he/she isn’t strategic enough”, or is “too tactical”, or “too operational”.

10 Ways to be a More Strategic Leader

#1. Practice “what’s possible” thinking.

Wanted: Strong managers for chaos at work

Difficult times tend to distinguish great leaders from the mediocre ones.

Leadership: Social Intelligence is Essential

The leadership competencies that build on self-mastery include self-confidence, the drive to improve performance, staying calm under pressure, and a positive outlook.

A Formula for Leadership: Know Where You Want to Go

Do you ever wonder why some things that should change never seem to?

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow. Group Picks Students From Diverse Areas, Backgrounds for Hands-On Training

"We’re looking for aspiring leaders who we can inspire and enlighten," said Kenneth Barrow, the program’s coordinator. "We hope to foster community involvement and show them how they can contribute to the region."

Step-by-step guide to build a leader – "Developing the Leader Within You"

Each chapter in Developing the Leader Within You takes us to the next important element in becoming the leader that we were meant to be.

Sidney, Montana Chamber’s leadership program celebrates 10 years

"The chamber’s program is a way that participants can incorporate their leadership skills by organization, teaching and delegation of duties," Tawnya Gurney, committee chairman, said. "Originally, the thought was to find a way to prepare our leaders in the community and help them stay in the community."

Iacocca: This is America, not the damned ‘Titanic’. "Where Have All The Leaders Gone?"

Leaders are made, not born. Leadership is forged in times of crisis. It’s easy to sit there with your feet up on the desk and talk theory.

Aiming higher

Workshop teaches Montana high school students to become better leaders, citizens