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Learning to Be a Better Leader

In his latest book, ‘The Edge,’ Wharton management professor Michael Useem profiles 10 chief executives and shares their strategies for sustained success.

Who comes out on top of the Montana broadband infrastructure bill?

Your Montana Legislature attempted to address this issue, but the “solution” will turn out to be one of the biggest corporate handouts in our state’s history.

MSU Extension accepting applications for Reimagining Rural virtual gathering

The virtual gathering is a series of three evening events where people come together in their communities to listen to virtual speakers discuss positive examples of successful rural communities.

Here’s what happened when this company banned meetings

“Work has to deliver joy, and we’re just trying to design the processes in such a way that is both joyful and efficient, so people can concentrate on things that they’re best at,” he says. “Once they start doing more of what they’re good at, they become happier in general.”

Focus on well-being to unlock people’s full potential at work

When people feel cared for as human beings, they will contribute to your company’s performance.

Close the digital divide in rural areas first

It’s our hope that Montana’s congressional delegation stands up for rural communities. It would be a darn shame if Congress were to send critical resources to America’s largest cities while the rural divide grows in places like Montana. Prioritize rural broadband.

The Verdict is in, The American Prairie Reserve’s Bison Grazing Plan Benefits Public Lands 

On July 1, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) advanced American Prairie’s request to graze bison on six federal grazing allotments in Phillips County, citing that the proposed action will not have a significant impact on the land. 

Missoula law firm, Kimberly Dudik & Associates to offer free services for families of missing and murdered Indigenous people

Kimberly Dudik & Associates will provide services at no cost for victims’ families, including legal representation by an attorney, legal advice, legal correspondence related to the investigation, obtaining available information and related records, serving as a referral source and advocating for reform.

Governor Gianforte Withdraws Montana From Multi-State Climate Coalition

In a statement, Brooke Stroyke, spokesperson for Governor Gianforte, said the governor believes the solution to climate change is unleashing American innovation, not overbearing government mandates. She added that the Paris Agreement punishes the U.S., while letting countries like China off the hook.

Los Angeles Times Editorial: Close the digital divide, but don’t trap people in the slow lane

At issue too is how to provide broadband to the millions of Americans who can’t afford it. What’s the point in subsidizing the construction of more extensive networks if they’re priced too high for a sizable portion of the population?