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How to Create a Motivating Work Environment

So what can a leader do to create this kind on environment? Here are 10 ideas, in order of importance:

The ABCs of Leadership

There’s another benefit to being authentic: it trains new leaders.

2009 Montana Excellence in Leadership Awards – Call for Nominations

The Interagency Committee for Change by Women (ICCW) honors persons who have created positive change for all state employees by promoting the full participation of women in state government.

Lipstick on a Pig? 10 Ways to Improve Your “Executive Presence”

When I work with senior managers on their development plans, or facilitate talent review meetings, one of the most frequently mentioned development needs is a thing called “executive presence”, or “leadership presence”.

Seven Traits of Great Leaders

We admire and follow people who believe in themselves—who can’t be laughed down or talked down or written down.

Barry Schwartz: The real crisis? We stopped being wise

Thought you might be inspired even more by this very compelling talk from TED.

Workplace Coach: In tough times, lead — and listen

These are truly extraordinary times. It’s times like these that will distinguish outstanding leaders from their counterparts.

Leadership Montana Now Accepting Applications for Class of 2010…

Participants will be selected to ensure diversity of ideas, commitment to the long-term future of Montana, and a willingness to play a leadership role.

The February Leadership Development Carnival

What Leaders Can Learn from Chesley Sullenberger

10 Ways to Avoid the Arrogance of Power

"The ability to understand another’s point of view, and to put oneself in the other’s place, is one of the most critical factors that affects ability to obtain influence and is a critical skill for everyone, including organizational leaders."