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UM Student Conference To Focus On ‘The Many Faces Of Leadership’, 2/25, Missoula

The 2012 conference is rooted in the social-change model and will focus on the many faces of leadership. Participants will leave feeling empowered to use their leadership resources to be effective, personal leaders with a global perspective.

Gen. Wesley Clark Hosted By The MSU Leadership Institute, 3/5, Bozeman, Montana

"A visionary leader, General Clark has a unique knowledge of globalization, international economics and politics making him a prime candidate to offer insights into the future of our nation," said Carmen McSpadden, director of the MSU Leadership Institute http://www.montana.edu/leadership/ , a key sponsor of the event.

Five Resolutions for Aspiring Leaders

Think seriously about your development as a leader.

The best bosses lead by failing

Humble leaders who embrace their failures are more effective and better liked, according to a new study.

What Should We Teach Our Business Leaders?

Executives must overcome moral hubris and realize they, too, might make bad choices, says Nitin Nohria. Leaders must learn to wield power to work for the greater good, not just to increase profit, says Carly Fiorina

What Crabs in a Pot Have to Do with Leadership Presence

"Don’t let them drag you back into that pot"

45 excellent posts on leadership – The 2011 Leadership Development Carnival

There’s no theme this month, no cute nicknames, no commentary, just a straightforward list of 45 of the best posts submitted for your reading pleasure.

Book Review: Montana’s Tom Brokaw urges people to make a difference in "The Time of Our Lives: A Conversation About America"

"What happened to the America I thought I knew?"

Higher Education Leaders Gather For Discussion, 10/20, Missoula, Montana

The discussion serves as the kickoff for a two-day conference for alumni of the Leadership Montana program.

"You’re Just Not Leadership Material"

That thinking is bunk. I’m living proof.