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Leadership Lessons of a Rock Climber

If you don’t Stretch You don’t know Where the edge Is

The Smarter Way Toward Self-Development and Leadership Skills

Corporate leadership programs tend to be more generic than customized. But Boeing’s approach to leadership training is self-directed and individualized—and it’s paying off. Eighty percent of a leader’s development occurs through on-the-job activities and experiences, not in the classroom.

Good leaders aren’t scarce, they’re scared – of scrutiny

I’ve come to the conclusion that really good leaders aren’t scarce, they’re scared.

Playing the succession game

When the information is public, those chosen to be future leaders of the company may feel as if they’ve failed if they don’t reach their potential. Says McKinnon: "It sets a level of expectation which may or may not be realistic in the end."

The Center for Leadership Development at The University of Montana Sponsors 2003 Outstanding Student Leader Contest

The recipient of the award will be recognized by The Center for Leadership Development and will receive an in-state tuition waiver for the following semester.

Masters of Disaster – When new leaders come in to turn around a company, leadership skills win the day.

You have between 30 and 60 days to make an impression as the new leader, to convince everyone that you’re the right person, and to show people that you’re doing something. To make a difference, you have one year.

A Fast Start on Your New Job – "The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels"

Your first ninety days in a new position are fraught with peril—and loaded with opportunity. HBS professor Michael Watkins explains how to get a running start. A Q&A and book excerpt. by Martha Lagace HBS…

How a New CEO Re-energized Intuit

"One of the most powerful tools leaders have is the questions they ask." Leaders are paid to make decisions. Everybody gets a voice, but leaders make the decisions.
— Steve Bennett

Want to Lead Better? It’s Simple

"Given just minutes, good leaders can affect how we think, what we decide, and, ultimately, what we create."

It’s all about leadership – COMMENTARY: Women at top see power differently

Women, Fenner said, seem to recoil from the aggressive, in-your-face connotation of "power." They prefer "leadership."