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What Great American Leaders Teach Us

A new database on great American leaders offers surprising insights on the nature of leadership.

It doesn’t take a superstar to field a winning team

There are career coaches who will tell you how to swim with the sharks. There are incentive consultants who will urge you to shower employees with money and perks. There are headhunters who will advise you to groom superstars and pit them against one another to fuel their competitive drive. Then there is Bill Russell. Russell talks about the importance of merging individual egos into a team ego.

Kellog Report says lines blurring between nonprofit and for-profit organizations

They offer a series of recommendations for dealing with this new reality, including investing in research to better understand the qualities needed to lead and manage hybrid organizations, followed by leadership and management training to better prepare today’s leaders.

Leadership Wyoming Update

The Cheyenne session was one of the best..great alumni attendance at the Union Pacific Depot reception! Thank you Chuck Bohlen, Pam Malone, and your crew from Laramie County Community College. Thanks also to Randy Bruns…

The Northwest Area Foundation selects Sidney, Glendive and Circle as pilot communities for Leadership development program.

Each of the communities in the program has a population of less than 5,000 people. Each city will join a pilot program to bolster and extend their leadership systems as a strategy to reverse economic and population decline and move on to hope.

"Studies show that small communities, even if they are distant from larger population centers, can thrive if they have a strong leadership system," said Karl Stauber, president of the foundation.

Leadership program aims to guide Montana in future – Applications due March 29.

The Leadership Montana program will bring together people who "understand issues, are willing to listen to and learn from each other, celebrate cultural diversity and opinions and demonstrate a passion for the Last Best Place,"

Emotional Intelligence Plays A Part in Promotions, Firings

There is an emotional component in all of our interpersonal dealings, and many experts say that while your cognitive intelligence often plays a stronger role in helping you get hired, it is your "emotional intelligence" that determines where you end up in your career.

Leadership Montana Applications due… Are you leadership bound?

This is about Montana’s future and the leaders who will craft that future for generations to come.

Leading the way: Bitterroot Valley high school students unite to build teen center, develop leadership skills

Leaders are born everyday, Theodore Roosevelt said, and a new Bitterroot program is honing the skills of high school leaders.

Everest legends: Hillary, Norgay tell tales of adventure and leadership at MSU Leadership presentation.

"You need to do your apprenticeship," he said. "Learn all the stages, the steps."