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Leadership Lessons from Teddy Roosevelt

Roosevelt thought his liking for ordinary people was one of his strengths as a public figure. "You must have an emotional, even visceral communication with your constituents," said Roosevelt. "They are more important than men of power."

Focusing on ability – Henry Holden is leading the battle against the exclusion and negative typecasting of persons with disabilities in the media and entertainment industries.

Henry Holden is a ‘general’ in the battle against the exclusion and negative typecasting of persons with disabilities in the media and entertainment industries.

Games that make leaders: top researchers on the rise of play in business and education

Video games let their players step into new personas and explore alternatives. Not only that, but people can try to solve problems they’re not good at yet, get immediate feedback on the consequences and try again immediately.

War vets in boardroom offer lessons in leadership

"The object of war is not to kill everybody, but to destroy the enemy’s willingness to resist," Vest says. "That’s so important to being an entrepreneur."

Quiz: What’s Your Leadership Style?

Do you have the leadership style of a CIO? Do you have what it takes to become a CEO of a high-tech company?

Leadership program kicks off in Sidney

The Horizon leadership campaign wants all individuals to be able to take advantage of this opportunity. They are willing to help individuals dissolve obstacles preventing them from attending.

Leadership campaign in Sidney, Circle and Glendive kicks off Tuesday

"This is an opportunity to not only expand your horizons, but to help your community as the training culminates in funding a project chosen by the group," Iba said. "You will receive practical tools and an outlook on life that can be applied at home, work and in the community."

How to Put Meaning Back into Leading

The leader is both architect and visionary, and both roles impact on the meaning [that] individuals experience through work.

We’re facing a dearth of good leaders

ome innovative organizations are using a two-tier performance appraisal. One appraisal assesses how a person manages — did they get work accomplished in a timely manner and achieve their performance goals? This assessment determines the leader’s bonus. The second appraisal assesses the individuals leadership ability — how well did they develop, motivate and engage their people? This determines whether they get promoted. So someone may be a good manager and earn their bonus, but still not excel under the other criteria — and therefore would not be eligible for promotion.

Women in Business: Report from the Trenches

While a keynote presentation by Andrea Jung, chairman and CEO of Avon Products, confirmed the success that women are having in corporate America, panels entitled "Walking the Leadership Tightrope" and "Navigating through Interpersonal Conflict" suggested the challenges women still face in today’s tough business environment.