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100 Ways to Lead

Most of our Premier 100 leaders cringe at being singled out of the IT crowd for a special honor. Yet they each lead in a unique way, shaped by their company cultures, their backgrounds, their experience. They would all tell you they’re not doing anything unusual, which is where we have to respectfully disagree.

New Leaders, New Agenda

These six leaders stepped into their top jobs at a time of enormous challenge. Here’s what each of them has to say about their approach to passing today’s tough test and setting the agenda for the future.

guest column – Leadership is key to charitable success

To paraphrase Bill Shore, a compass — more than brains or money — is a leader’s most valuable tool. Next time you are asked to lead, pick up a compass. Take a moment to get your bearings. Become a leader, support those who choose to lead and thank those who have risked leadership.

Noel Tichy: Leadership Beyond Vision

If you are a leader, you don’t just go in there with a blank slate. You go in as a leader with a teachable point of view. But you have to remain open to learning from the people you are teaching. If you can do that to scale, you will generate knowledge every day.

Ford Foundation’s Leadership for a Changing World award

The program highlights the importance of
community leadership in improving people’s lives by recognizing and
supporting U.S. leaders and leadership groups not broadly known beyond
their immediate community or field.

Website Offers Management Information for Leaders in Community Development

Management Information Exchange Management Information Exchange (MiX), a website dedicated to energizing and growing the management expertise of leaders in community development, offers community-based organizations and their staffs a free source of management information. The…

Women Leaders and Organizational Change

Merely expanding the number of women in leadership roles does not automatically induce organizational change. Harvard professor Robin Ely and Debra Meyerson call for fundamental changes to transform organizations.

The latest news from Leadership Montana…

“You cannot lead others until you have lead yourself through a struggle of opposing values.”
-James Kouzes, The Leadership Challenge

Why Everyone in an Enterprise Can — and Should — Be a Leader

Leadership doesn’t just start at the top. Leaders can also be found at the bottom of an organization and at just about every place in between. And how, exactly, does someone with little or no managerial or supervisory experience go about taking that first step toward being a leader? “It simply involves an act of will,” says Useem. “You must simply decide, ‘I’m going to step forward to make a difference. I’m going to offer fresh insights and get people excited about where this company or organization ought to go.’ Leadership is a matter of personal commitment and drive.”

Practical Radicals You say you want a business revolution? Not so fast.

"This is not a revolutionary style," Meyerson says of the tempered radical’s approach. "But it is the stuff of change. It is the true content of leadership."