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Montana 3rd in prairie loss

"It makes no sense – and the report agrees – for taxpayers to fund growing crops on these lands," said Scott Stevens, Ducks Unlimited conservation director.

American Prairie Foundation September Newsletter

Thus far in 2007 we have had more than 200 children visit the American Prairie Reserve from surrounding towns and around the country. Our hope is to steadily increase the numbers of youth visiting the Reserve annually and to become a meaningful force to help kids reconnect with nature.

The American Prairie Foundation Newsletter August 2007

We hope you enjoy this August newsletter and hope you will come experience some prairie adventure for yourself very soon.

Budding prairie reserve offers hope for the future of Montana. The American Prairie Foundation

New approaches such as APF’s — approaches that break out of the traditional land-management paradigms and leave the land open to public access — offer great hope for the region’s future.

Serengeti of Montana? Ambitious American Prairie Reserve takes shape south of Malta. “Believe it or not, there is such a place left.”

The American Prairie Reserve is being assembled from ranch land, but genetically pure buffalo are grazing the landscape rather than cattle.

Farmers sowing seed money

The grass seed is in high demand because of the trend to restore damaged land – gas-well pads, burned forests, highway strips and overgrazed property.

Why the Buffalo Still Roam – The American Prairie Foundation

There’s an undercurrent of despair and even hopelessness in recent reports about global warming — a drift that carries a real risk of paralysis, the sense that it’s too late to do anything. But while our landscape is scarred by centuries of environmental abuse, there are also monumental environmental victories, and therefore hope.

Group aspires to energize prairie people

At the root of the institute’s mission is giving people a greater sense of the beauty, wonder and uniqueness of prairie ecosystems. Using place-based education programs, the institute will attempt to foster a greater tie among educators, the community and the prairie.

American Prairie Reserve Feburary Newsletter

Our new video is available for viewing on our website home page. Special thanks to Tom Brokaw for narrating the film and to Sandy Cannon-Brown and the Video Takes crew for producing it.

American Prairie Foundation Video with Tom Brokaw

It provides an overview of our current progress and reiterates the vision we are pursuing with our partners at World Wildlife Fund.