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American Prairie Reserve Feburary Newsletter

Our new video is available for viewing on our website home page. Special thanks to Tom Brokaw for narrating the film and to Sandy Cannon-Brown and the Video Takes crew for producing it.

American Prairie Foundation Video with Tom Brokaw

It provides an overview of our current progress and reiterates the vision we are pursuing with our partners at World Wildlife Fund.

November edition of the American Prairie Reserve Newsletter (Montana)

Are there cougars on the Prairie?

"Prairie Whispers: A Vision Of Montana’s Grasslands And The Great Plains", 11/17, Billings

"This place is so flat, treeless, desolate! It’s just a vast brown land of nothingness!"

The American Prairie Foundation (APF), ranchers work to resolve issues surrounding bison reserve project

A non-profit organization created solely for the purpose of building the American Prairie Reserve in northeastern Montana, APF is based in Bozeman, Mont. According to Scott Laird, director of field operations for APF, the temperate grasslands of the world are the least protected bio-landscapes in the world. As a result, there is a high rate of habitat loss continually taking place on the prairies in North America.

Inventor helps grasslands go native

"We’re going to change the economics of the native grass seed industry," Arbuckle said. "The Seedster isn’t a combine or a stripper, but a new-fangled plucker. This harvester isn’t a better mousetrap; it’s the first one."

American Prarie Foundation October 2006 Newsletter

This fall American Prairie Foundation has opened over 5,000 acres of land to the public through the Block Management Program.

Grasslands on a Grand Scale in Montana – APF and WWF

Nowhere else in the United States is conservation more possible and more essential than in northeastern Montana’s plains, says Jonathan Proctor, the southern Rockies and Great Plains representative of Defenders of Wildlife. There are no large national parks or monuments protecting the Great Plains (the Charles M. Russell NWR encompasses prairies only on its fringes) and only 1.5 percent of U.S. grasslands are publicly owned. Most of those are in national grasslands that feature cattle, not bison. "The plains are the least represented ecosystem in our national parks," Proctor adds.

Prarie Dreaming – A bold initiative is underway to buy a huge swath of Montana…and turn it over to Mother Nature. The American Prarie Foundation

The group’s plan—called simply the Prairie Project—is to create one of the largest and most innovative conservation projects on Earth, a grassland reserve replete with as many native species as can be sustained.

Let the Antelope Roam

Of all the species living in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem of northwest Wyoming, the pronghorn is the only one native to the American West — elk, bison and even grizzly bears moved in from Asia centuries ago — but it is by no means the least exotic.