American Prairie

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American Prairie Foundation Spring Newsletter

Our singular goal is to create the largest, most imaginative prairie-based wildlife reserve in the world.

Way up in Montana, witness a magnificent wild place coming back to life. The American Prarie Foundation

The American Prairie Foundation has one of the most inspiring and ambitious plans for restoring and preserving America’s disappearing wild open spaces.

American Prairie Foundation hoping to expand Montana bison population

The American Prairie Foundation strung together about 31,000 acres of leased and deeded property and placed the 16 bison on some of that land in October. The foundation receives technical assistance from the World Wildlife Fund.

Wildlife thriving in Montana’s grasslands

"Conservation easements keep land in private ownership, but protect public resources," Knapp said. "That’s a nice compromise."

Wyoming buys Converse ranch. "It is accessible. It is central. It is beautiful."

In years past, whenever the five elected state officials pondered buying private land for state ownership, the opposition was sizeable, vocal and sometimes downright hostile.

A Strategy to Restore Western Grasslands Meets With Local Resistance

The Grand Canyon Trust’s strategy had been to look amid Utah’s ancient russet cathedrals for lands that needed a long rest from grazing. If the rancher with the grazing rights wanted to relinquish them to the Interior Department, the trust would pay him to do so.

A West that works -Pioneer burns back time

Goodloe is considered a pioneer in adaptive land management practices and his Carrizo Valley Ranch is a showcase for those techniques.

And when he couldn’t find a group interested in starting up a statewide rancher-run land trust, he started the Southern Rockies Agricultural Land Trust.

The trust protects more than 10,000 acres in New Mexico today.

Conservationists creating bison preserve in Montana.

"We fully expect this will outlive us, that this will be a national treasure that people who live around there will be proud of, that will be able to breathe new life into their communities," the wildlife fund’s Tom Lalley said. "And this will just be one hell of a cool place."

Bison range founded in Eastern Montana – The "American Prairie Foundation"

The APF, working with the World Wildlife Fund, envisions what eventually will be a 3.5 million-acre public-private prairie reserve rich with hundreds of bison, prairie dog towns and black-footed ferrets.

Preserving the Timeless Prairie on a Family’s Montana Ranch

This country has wonders untold…