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Grasslands Foundation 2010 E-Newsletter #6

This is the sixth installment of the Grasslands 2010 e-newsletter. Grasslands 2010 is a joint project of the Nebraska-based Grassland Foundation and World Wildlife Fund’s Northern Great Plains , in collaboration with other partners.

New Bison on the Prairie! American Prairie Reserve Newsletter

Snow is upon us on the prairie and we are looking back on this year, feeling immensely thankful for all that occurred related to creating this beautiful reserve.

People on the Prairie – American Prairie Reserve October 2008 Newsletter

American Prairie Reserve will always include a strong element of human beings and their long and continuing association with this beautiful and unique landscape. In this issue we tell brief stories about just some of those people.

Climate change factors into conservationist buys

The Nature Conservancy is using ClimateWizard, a computer program that can show how temperatures have changed over the past 100 years and how they’re likely to change in the future. It is also updating its strategies to preserve ecosystems in the face of development, agricultural runoff, roads and overfishing.

American Prairie Foundation E-Newsletter

Check out the Sights and Sounds link on the APF website which features faster loading video and audio clips. We have a great deal of visitation underway this fall, including people entering the area by boat on the beautiful Missouri River. We hope to see you there soon.

American Prairie Foundation E-Newsletter

Join APF For A Reserve Open House Sept. 6.

Oh, give me a home – Genetically pure Yellowstone buffalo available

The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks is looking for groups or agencies willing to adopt what would be the first genetically pure Yellowstone bison herd placed outside Yellowstone National Park in decades.

American Prairie Foundation June 2008 Newsletter

APF National Council Update – Introducing Jay Abbe and Edward Schmults
We are pleased to welcome two accomplished business executives to our National Council

Back to Nature and Ready for Guests in the Great Plains – The American Prairie Foundation

The American Prairie Foundation, a group dedicated to creating prairie wildlife reserves, has been buying up land in Montana and reintroducing wild American bison, which had largely vanished in the region.

The Great Plains, Restored

It is hard to love a land you don’t understand, and for most of my life I had no idea why anyone would ever live in the Great Plains – let alone love the place.