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American Prairie Foundaiton E-Newsletter April 2008

We have been surprised and pleased with the increase of requests for information about the project’s current status. Perfect timing for the new, soon to be available 30-minute film documentary, funded by Wallace Genetic Foundation, produced by Video Takes Inc. and narrated by Tom Brokaw, which provides a fresh look at our progress.

America’s grasslands vanishing amid agricultural boom

A generation of conservation accomplishments could be rolled back" if commodity prices remain near historic highs

BLM completes first phase of land exchange to develop 20,578 acre public use area near Miles City, Montana

“Having this large block of public land close to Miles City will be an asset to the community that will be enjoyed for generations to come.”

Cross-border studies reveal secrets of pronghorn antelope migration

"It’s a canary on the prairie."

Wyoming is protecting a ‘rare piece of the world’

The fundamental value of Wyoming, as well as its heritage, can be found in the state’s mountainous landscapes, its immense prairies and its vast diversity of wildlife.

American Prairie Foundation Feb. 2008 Newsletter

Tonight’s forecast for the American Prairie Reserve is twenty-two degrees below zero and possibly much colder given the wind chill factor.

Ted Turner’s land grab generates suspicion in Nebraska

His front men say their boss doesn’t have a secret agenda – he just wants to be a rancher.

American Prairie Foundation November Newsletter

We are also pleased to announce three new additions to APF’s National Council: author David Quammen, Dallas Center for Performing Arts President Bill Lively and DreamWorks Chairman Roger Enrico.

Happy Thanksgiving from American Prairie Foundation! (Great Video)

While there are many accomplishments to celebrate at the Reserve, we are most grateful for the people who help make this endeavor possible.

Montana Hopes to Lure Tourists with Bison. The American Prairie Foundation

The American Prairie Foundation is working to reintroduce thousands of bison and other native species to parts of Montana, with the hopes of luring eco-tourists.