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Wyoming lawmakers kill bill that would have punished utilities for using wind or solar

"Honestly, almost everybody was against it."

Wyoming Superintendents express concern about major education legislation

Superintendents across the state are trying to assess two major pieces of education legislation released last week that could significantly affect the future of school funding in Wyoming.

Wyoming minimum wage bill rolled back to federal minimum

A proposal to raise the minimum wage in Wyoming has been ratcheted back to match the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

Wyoming legislators kill wind tax bill

Wyoming is the only state with a wind production tax — currently $1 per megawatt hour of electricity.

Wyoming lawmakers push for early retirement program to address budget shortfall

Ten lawmakers are sponsoring a bill that offers early retirement to state and University of Wyoming employees as state leaders look to save money in the face of a large budget shortfall.

Wyoming Senate president kills public lands transfer bill

"Everybody’s been notifying their representatives and senators to vote no if this amendment materialized," she said. "I think Sen. Bebout read the tea leaves. He saw the vote was not going to be there."

Please Vote Today – Meeteetse, Wyoming (Population 300) Middle School Science and Technology Students Compete in Verizon Nation-wide Contests

The town is thirty miles away from the nearest grocery store in Cody. That makes it a food desert.

New state program developed to increase Wyoming export sales

Those interested will receive a three-month education session in creating export plans.

University of Wyoming offers 3 new scholarships to attract transfer students

If you’re a non-Wyomingite attending community college here or in a nearby state, the University of Wyoming wants you — and is willing to pay to bring you to Laramie.

Obamacare repeal would result in 4,000 jobs lost in Wyoming

Repeal would lead to 2.6 million jobs lost across the United States