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More Wyoming rest stops get free Wi-Fi

The Wyoming Department of Transportation has expanded free Wi-Fi availability at rest stops, welcome and information centers around the state.

University of Wyoming president says 37 staff members will lose their jobs next week

Thirty-seven University of Wyoming employees will lose their jobs next week in the latest in a series of moves by the school to tackle a $41 million budget cut.

Lev’sonic – Through late nights and long hours, University of Wyoming student builds a business

Levente Pap knew he wanted to own a business. He thought about it as he walked around a University of Wyoming laboratory. What did people need? And, more specifically, what did chemists and researchers need?

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead announces board for economic diversification effort

Mead said ENDOW – which stands for Economically Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming – was critical for the state’s economy in the long term. He emphasized finding stable streams of state revenue and creating more opportunities for young adults in Wyoming.

Wyoming State Education Department’s long-term student goals include 89 percent grad rate

"It’s very much working with the schools, looking at their data and figuring out what are the ways we can improve,"

FIRST CLASS: New school infuses Wyoming workforce with tech-trained employees

"Our number one mission is to put these students back into the Wyoming workforce," Trowbridge said. "Governor Matt Mead has spoken extensively about bringing the technology industry to Wyoming, and we’re playing our part."

Why You Should Put Your Supercomputer in Wyoming

Wyoming hopes more data-driven organizations are on the way–and in Yellowstone and Cheyenne’s room, there’s space to grow.

Wyoming population declines for first time in 27 years

Births outpaced deaths 7,590 to 4,838 from July 2016 to July 2016, and about 3,800 more people left the state than moved in.

University of Wyoming program incentivizing early separation more popular than expected

"We received many, many applications for (the Voluntary Separation Incentive Program)," said Kate Miller, UW provost and vice president of academic affairs. "More than we expected to."

Mobile apps designed just for Wyomingites

There are a handful of apps designed to be specifically helpful to Wyomingites and those visiting the state.