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Wyoming lags in industrial diversification

Idaho, along with Montana and Utah, had an index of over 95 percent – meaning it’s largely succeeding when it comes to growing new industries.

Industry backs Wyoming tech ed center

Two Campbell County commissioners have won support from 10 companies in the energy industry to raise local property taxes to help build a technical education center at Gillette College.

The Wyoming Hathaway Scholarship Program Seeks to Keep the Best and the Brightest Close to Home.

The Hathaway Program is expected to generate at least $16 million a year for scholarships — most of it reserved for merit-based aid for UW and community college students from Wyoming.

Wyoming Economic Development – Forecasters call for diversification

“You’ve got to educate workers and visitors about staying and working in Wyoming,” “We’re looking at insurance, warehousing and transportation,” said Goss. “These aren’t elite companies, but they’re good jobs.”

Sheridan entrepreneur, Homer Scott Jr. to be honored by the Wyoming Business Council

"First Interstate Bank always has been, and still is, a family-owned bank," Scott said. He served as chairman of the board from the 1980s until 2004, when he retired.

Many Michigan workers who were recruited to Wyoming have left

Sylvia Jones, senior research analyst, said that of five people coming to Wyoming, only one will stay over time.

Wyoming Business leaders look to the future

At noon on Thursday, University of Wyoming President Tom Buchanan will discuss the decision to build a supercomputer center in Cheyenne.

Wyoming drawing interest of wind power investors

"The Wyoming Legislature, and in particular Gov. Dave Freudenthal, have done a stellar job of planning and executing new transmission out of Wyoming," Bruce Morley said. "The Wyoming Infrastructure Authority has been a leader in that."

Wyoming wind advocates feel rush to build

Wyoming’s next energy boom could ride in on the wind.

Wyoming in top 10 of business-friendly states

Wyoming has been in the survey’s top 10 since the study began in 2004. The study attributes Wyoming’s high ranking to being a right-to-work state with no personal or corporate income taxes and having low operating costs for business.