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SkyWest to offer flights to Yellowstone in summer

SkyWest Airlines, a subsidiary of SkyWest Inc., said Tuesday it has been selected by the U.S. Department of Transportation to provide seasonal "essential air service" to West Yellowstone, Mont., for the next two years.,1249,590039072,00.html…

$4 an hour car ‘ownership’ program catching on in Bay

A three-year-old program to get people out of their cars by offering communal cars by the hour appears to be gaining traction, according to a recent University of California, Berkeley, study of the City CarShare program.

We can benefit from public transportation in Ravalli County

In the very near future, a fixed bus route for the city of Hamilton will become a reality.

Comin’ In on a Wheel and a Prayer – Snowmobile-maker Bombardier envisions a futuristic personal transport vehicle called Embrio.

"Bombardier understands trains, airplanes, snowmobiles," Wardle said. "They don’t have the car industry’s need to make things out of pressed steel and glass. The next innovations will come from those companies that are far more flexible and liberal-thinking about how to make things."

Change in the air – By early January, there could be more, not fewer, flights ferrying passengers between Missoula and Salt Lake City.

"Missoula’s been a good market and if they see an opportunity to gain some market share they will,"

Transit backers plan for growth- Is light rail coming to Spokane?

The automobile still is king in the Spokane Valley, but transit could have a bigger impact in future years, Barnes said.

Oregon posts reward for driving less. Is that American?

If pay-by-the-mile insurance is as successful as its supporters in Oregon anticipate, the dynamics of the marketplace will take over, giving more consumers a chance to save money — and make the world a bit better — by doing something that most Americans have despaired at ever being able to attain: spending less time behind the wheel.

Delta leaving Great Falls – New server will add flights, but plans to use smaller planes

"There will be a better selection of flights, which will benefit our customers in those markets," Connell said. "And the benefit for Delta will be a more efficient hub, with planes moving at fuller capacity."

Frontier Airlines to partner with Horizon Airlines for regional flights

Denver-based carrier dropping Mesa By The Denver Post and The Associated Press Frontier Airlines today dumped Mesa Airlines as its regional carrier, signing a 12-year agreement with Seattle-based Horizon Air that begins Jan. 1. Horizon,…

Rural air service aid survives vote – Senate leaves money intact that subsidizes Big Sky Airlines

A lone passenger disembarks a Big Sky Airlines flight Wednesday at the Great Falls International AIrport. Although Essential Air Service money is not available to the Great Falls airport, it is the lifeblood of Big…