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Missoula officials set to discuss passenger train revival 3/15

The sound of an eastbound Amtrak train hasn’t echoed off Mount Sentinel for decades. The Montana Association of Railroad Passengers wants to change that.

Bozeman Chamber, Big Sky hope to woo Frontier Airlines

Got $75,000 and a desire for more flights between Denver and Gallatin Field Airport?

Cities adopt policies to ensure roads aren’t built solely for cars.

Hoping to correct a decades-old "urban planning mistake," city officials are moving to require that anyone building new streets or altering existing ones set aside space for bicyclists, wheelchairs and strollers.

Car-sharing catching on with Bay Area drivers. Firms provide autos for those who don’t want hassle of ownership

So many people in the Bay Area are interested in car-sharing that two for-profit companies have joined nonprofit pioneer City CarShare in the market — and all three are surviving and growing.

Car-sharing catching on with drivers

Firms provide autos for those who don’t want hassle of ownership

Bicycle Activist Works To Overcome L.A.’s Car Culture

Monica Howe sees herself as the voice of a two-wheeled future, dedicated to the notion that an urban bicycle culture will make this a better place to live.

Berkeley Lines Up For Circles

"For me, the main thing I’ve noticed is that they bring the neighborhood together,"

Great site (FlightAware) for air travelers or those waiting for them this holiday season

FlightAware is a free flight tracker that will change what you think about live flight tracking and aviation data.

Subsidies Keep Airlines Flying to Small Towns

The program is a good case study of how poorly the government sometimes keeps pace with the free market and consumer tastes, and how entrenched interests, even in the face of some creative map-drawing, can keep such a program aloft in the face of efforts to ground it.

UM bike ambassadors / Advocates aim to make UM better for bicyclists

“Our mission statement is to make campus a better place for bikes,”