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Hey America, Make With the [email protected]~$ High-Speed Rail Already. High-Speed Rail Operators Team Up Against Airlines

Conspicuously absent among those emerging markets: the US.

Frontier Airlines Announces 4 Cities for Regional Service

A little community support didn’t hurt, either. In Wichita, more than 1,200 residents used a link on the airport’s Web site to e-mail Frontier asking for service.

Why Does The U.S. Lag Behind On High-Speed Rail?

There are good reasons why the U.S. hasn’t built a high-speed rail network. But there are just as many, if not more, good reasons why it should.

Envisioning Bike Lanes On Your Street

Bike friendly means a complete, continuous, interconnected network of named bicycle roads or "tracks," each marked and lit, each governed by traffic signs and signals of its own.

Horizon Air cuts short-route fares up to 76 percent

Horizon Air, a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group Inc., has cut fares by as much as 76 percent on several short flights in Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Northern California.

Profile of a (Mostly) Car-free Community Erlangen, Germany

Röthelheimpark is widely regarded as a first-class living environment by its inhabitants. Beside the quiet and slow-paced environment, the large green strip in the middle of the area is a highly prized gem in the eyes of the residents.

What "bike friendly" looks like

So what would cities look like if we provided the infrastructure for safe cycling? What does "bike friendly" actually look like?

More bike lanes? No thanks. Treat cyclists as motorists’ equals, not as pesky afterthoughts.

By law, my bicycle is considered a vehicle with the same right to the road as your car or truck. Bike lanes provide an arguable buffer zone of safety (as well as a great place for people to put their garbage containers on trash day), but they marginalize cyclists and reinforce their status as second-class commuters who shouldn’t be on the road.

Kalispell, Missoula adding new flights this summer

Glacier National Park Airport is adding service to Atlanta, Chicago and Denver this summer.

Ridesharing With The ‘Net

An Internet option for metro commuters offers seven-county carpooling through the Internet, complete with perks and flexibility.