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Avionics computer from Boise-based Chelton Flight Systems advances small aircraft safety

Designed mainly for private and small commercial aircraft, the $50,000 base-price computer and display by Boise-based Chelton Flight Systems gives pilots a real-time simulated view of everything needed to fly the plane safely.

Kuna specialty foods maker snags limelight on new’s gourmet food site.

“That´s a tremendous amount of exposure for Idaho,” said Georgia Smith, information officer for the Idaho Department of Commerce. “It helps build a reputation for the state of being progressive and innovative as well as building a strong awareness of our agricultural products.”

MDU, co-op offer to buy NorthWestern

MDU Resources Group is joining forces with Basin Electric Cooperative, both of Bismarck, to buy NorthWestern’s Montana properties and perhaps the company’s utilities in South Dakota and Nebraska.

Boise firm sets its sights on marketing wi-fi in remote areas

You´re sitting by the campfire, roasting marshmallows and enjoying the wilderness, when you have a sudden urge to … surf the Web. Julie Howard The Idaho Statesman Sound silly? You´d be surprised. Camper surveys rank…

Idaho Falls company, Intrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. sees contract increase

A contract awarded to Intrepid Technology and Resources, Inc., in May of this year by the Oak Ridge Associated Universities was recently increased by $500,000 to bring the total value to $950,000, according to an…

Huntwood plans huge plant – 490,000-square-foot factory for Spokane-area cabinet maker could get started in March

“Even though doing business is a little more difficult here, we felt all things considered we wanted to stay located in Washington,” Hunt says.

Nampa’s DDI will be making homes smarter – Startup inks deal for distribution of network device

DDI makes a device that networks all electronic and wireless components in a home, from a personal computer or laptop to a DVD player to a cell phone. The networking allows for automation of those devices through a central location.

LadderMaster climbs rungs toward success – Leveling attachment developed, tested in North Idaho

LadderMaster, an automatic leveling attachment for extension ladders, was designed in Boise and developed and tested in the North Idaho area.

Isothermal sees future in Pullman – Liberty Lake firm plans research center to develop new technology

"Pullman will become our (research and development) center," said Severs. Locating it on the Palouse makes sense in order to coordinate research with Washington State University and the University of Idaho, he said.

Economic engine – Aviation-related employment, spending high in Colorado, aiding communities large and small

Aviation is a big contributor to Colorado’s economy – supporting 280,000 jobs and generating $23.5 billion in local spending each year – according to a state study released Monday.