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LadderMaster climbs rungs toward success – Leveling attachment developed, tested in North Idaho

LadderMaster, an automatic leveling attachment for extension ladders, was designed in Boise and developed and tested in the North Idaho area.

Isothermal sees future in Pullman – Liberty Lake firm plans research center to develop new technology

"Pullman will become our (research and development) center," said Severs. Locating it on the Palouse makes sense in order to coordinate research with Washington State University and the University of Idaho, he said.

Economic engine – Aviation-related employment, spending high in Colorado, aiding communities large and small

Aviation is a big contributor to Colorado’s economy – supporting 280,000 jobs and generating $23.5 billion in local spending each year – according to a state study released Monday.

Trentwood lean, refocused – Kaiser’s rolling mill here has transformed completely, now awaits industry rebound

Trentwood has slashed its inventory by 75 percent as one of a host of lean manufacturing efforts pushed by Bunin, a Harvard MBA who arrived at Trentwood in the spring of 2001.

Trilegiant may lay off as many as 300 in Cheyenne, WY

A credit card services company could lay off as many as 300 employees in Cheyenne. Associated Press Billings Gazette A press release Thursday from Trilegiant Corp. did not say how many people could be laid…

The Gear Biz in the West- Where are the manufacturing jobs going?

Pieces of the economic puzzle The West’s small towns have always been subject to boom-and-bust economies, and even when the coal mines close and the factories move overseas, new economic engines will likely take their place.

Boise software, services company merges – MarkMonitor joins forces with

A Boise software and services company that helps companies find trademark infringements, do domain registration and protect intellectual property on the Internet has merged with a California firm. Julie Howard The Idaho Statesman MarkMonitor,…

Boise firm, Telemetric Corp. honored for innovation

Telemetric, a privately held company, has helped more than 100 utilities cut costs and improve service through its products.

Certified success – The once small and alternative organic market is blooming into a mainstream industry, with Boulder at its epicenter.

"We want the world to change, we want these big companies to engage … they’re all going to jump on the bandwagon, which will drive more consumers,"

Foreshadows from history? The rise and fall of timber

The industry had supported the regional economy for decades, with thousands of good-paying jobs and products shipped around the world. But stiff new competition, changes in government policy and cyclical changes in the business sent…