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Portland-area startups evolve, grow as they build their brand

Startups begin with a good idea. But entrepreneurs must quickly adapt as their business takes shape.

Elemental Technologies raises $13 million venture round, prepares global marketing push

In new offices downtown, the video encoding company wants to show "that you can build great companies in Portland."

Kitzhaber: Three-Time Governor Turning Oregon’s Tide

The ability of Oregon’s elected leaders to work together wasn’t a one-off event.

Portland startup Chirpify lands $1.3 million in backing to promote commerce on Twitter

When a retailer with a Chirpify account solicits purchases on Twitter, customers can simply tweet the word "Buy" to make a purchase.

Online education startup Treehouse says it has raised $4.75 million and will move HQ to Portland

Founded last November, the company currently has 34 employees and is in the process of adding a dozen more. It makes its training videos in an Orlando studio.

Software Association of Oregon’s new president, Skip Newberry, aims to boost the industry’s visibility

In the mayor’s office, Newberry helped craft a strategy that made software one of the city’s key economic priorities.

Oregon health care co-op gets $57 million in federal funds, seeks a CEO

The act calls for one co-op in each state, but doesn’t place a limit on the number that each state can have. So far Oregon is the only state with two co-ops, but awards have been made to organizations in 10 different states.

Startup: Portland’s Brightworks targets a new vein of sustainability

A passion for the environment pairs best with public policy, or at least that’s what Scott Lewis thought until a series of technology startups that he launched convinced him otherwise.

Angel Oregon semifinalist hopes judges embrace his effort to create a new building material

Meyers says the material, which he has not yet named, could be used to replace Sheetrock and lumber as building materials, and it could be used to mix into concrete, instead of rock and sand.

Oregon venture capital investment totals $238.6 million in 2011, highest level since 2007

A number of high-dollar deals inflated the growth, NVCA president Mark Heesen wrote in the release. That means the increase doesn’t necessarily point to more funding for all startups and industries