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Angel Oregon picks two winners — DeltaPoint and Enjoy Life

Investors at the annual Angel Oregon conference picked two winners this afternoon:

Pacific Power seeks 20 percent hike in electricity rates

Pacific Power is seeking a 20 percent increase in electricity rates starting next January to cover major investments in transmission and generation as well as forecasted higher power costs next year, according to filings with the Oregon Public Utility Commission.

Oregon startups find success — some find it elsewhere

Oregon’s struggles at nurturing startups are well-known and well-documented. Entrepreneurs complain they can’t find enough talented executives here, or enough financial backing, and so they go elsewhere.

Founder of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods transfers business to employees on his 81st birthday

"We’re still learning all of the details, but it’s very humbling to be part of a company that cares this much about its employees."

Oregon Passes Tax Boost on Wealthy, Corporations

Oregon voters approved two special tax measures Tuesday designed to close a $733 million state budget gap.

Despite Praise, Portland Has Room for Improvement

Because Portlanders are happy with their city, why change?

Taxes and tech: Oregon’s industry leaders aren’t engaged

I’ve been asking tech industry execs about the issue for the past six months and have heard a consistent refrain: Whatever their opinions about these individual measures, they’d like to see broad reform in Oregon’s fiscal policy, taxes and education system.

Jive Software of Portland, Oregon adds $12 million in venture funding

"We’re doing a lot more hiring! In just the last month, we have added 11 new Jivers with 10 more starting in the next two weeks."

Startup: Vital signs of a young regional company – Vigillo

Web-based risk-management software for companies that operate truck fleets.

Chinese startup based in Eugene, Oregon wants to sell inexpensive solar panels in U.S.

The company, the brainchild of Eugene resident Ocean Yuan, is moving so fast that it caught state economic development officials — and potential competitor SolarWorld — by surprise.

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