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The New Leadership

The criteria for the job has changed. In contrast to control-minded authority of the past, today’s leaders must exercise power through a shared purpose and vision.

A Feel for Leadership

Most leadership development efforts that revolve around either character or behavior are only sporadically effective because of an inherent problem: Leaders emerge from training emboldened with new ideas and ways of doing things but then re-enter a company culture that has not been modified. They find it difficult to sustain their leadership effectiveness, failing to carry over their success from the learning context to the leadership context.

Wells Fargo is hands-off – CEO says his managerial style empowers his employees

Instead of earning Master of Business Administration degrees, Kovacevich suggested tongue-in-cheek that future business leaders should consider earning a degrees in "believing" in the enormous talent of the employees at all levels of an organization; a master’s in "motivation and fun" to help people get excited about what they are doing; and a doctorate in "leadership" to take people from where they are to where they have never been before.

To lead, start by knowing yourself – life and jobs skills coach targets women with new book

Our world is becoming more and more complex, and in order to be purposeful and move forward in life you really need to know yourself and gain strength from that.

Lasting Leadership: Lessons from the 25 Most Influential Business People of Our Times

"People are leaders because they choose to lead."

Beware the Bad Leader

there are in fact ways in which we in business and society can work to minimize bad leadership and maximize good leadership.

Teamwork in a Shock Trauma Unit: New Lessons in Leadership

Leadership … is not the product of a leader’s individual differences, but of any organization or unit’s norms, routines and role definitions."

The "Pull Leadership" Manifesto

"Push" leadership will push people right out the door. We need leaders who inspire others to follow, who engender loyalty. We need leaders who practice "pull" leadership.

UM Provides Leadership Development Opportunities for Students

The University of Montana is offering a new student leadership program to provide students with the skills they need to succeed academically and professionally after graduation.

Giving voice to young leaders- Here’s your chance to get your views on leadership published.

They believe that America’s future leaders need their own publishing house to provide a forum, so they created one this summer, College Tree Publishing. It can be found on the Web at