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"The Little Red Truck" To Screen At International Family Film Festival In Hollywood 2/29 & 3/1

J.K. Simmons, of Spider-man and Juno fame and a participant in the film, plans to attend the Saturday screening.

Theater that delivers – ‘Little Red Truck’ will move and enlighten audiences Sat. 2/16

A beautiful movie, timeless, one that will end up on top of your DVD collection.

World Premier – "The Little Red Truck" Sixty Kids and One Week That Will Change Their Lives Forever, 2/16, Missoula, Montana

When a little red truck rolls into town, sixty local children take on an impossible task… to stage a full-scale musical in just six days. This week will change them forever.

Showing Kids an Open Road on “The Little Red Truck” Missoula Children’s Theatre

"Nobody likes me because I smell like feet.”

"The Little Red Truck" – Missoula filmmakers ready to release documentary on Missoula Children’s Theatre’s tours around the world

“The Little Red Truck” – so named because of MCT’s fleet of 42 red pickups that tour the world – takes the viewer on a five-city journey to towns big and small, with children as diverse as the country itself.

Bresnan Communications and Missoula Children’s Theater Partner to Bring Internet Safety Message to Schools Across the Rockies!

The focus of the MCT residency – to provide a professionally guided theatre experience for 50-60 local children in communities throughout the world will remain the same as it has been for 34 years, “But now… “ as MCT Co-founder Don Collins points out: “we have the opportunity to place an important family public awareness issue in the spotlight as well.”

Audition action. Energy, expression win roles in children’s play as the "Little Red Truck" from the Missoula Children’s Theatre comes to Twin Falls, Idaho

"This town must have talent."

"The Little Red Truck" is coming. Are you ready??

A movie about the magical tale of the Missoula Children’s Theatre International Tour!

Who are those little red trucks from Montana and why do they visit towns and hamlets across the globe?

The Mission of the Little Red Truck Fleet: "The development of lifeskills in children through participation in the performing arts."


We still had parents with tears, thrilled at seeing their child do something they never thought possible, thanking us with words I couldn’t understand. We had kids hugging and laughing, drinking in the joy of accomplishment. The children kept coming up and begging us to come back every week….No different than any other week.