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National Governors Association Speakers’ Bureau is Launched

Whether you are looking for a policy expert in education; energy and environment; health care; homeland security; or social, economic, and workforce development, NGA has a nationally recognized expert to meet your needs.


But apparently some businesses are more deserving of special treatment than others.

Stop the revolving door of lobbyists

Maybe the best we can hope for is a new rule that would require staff members to wait for a period of years – say, a full election cycle – before accepting a job as a lobbyist.

Nation’s Water Infrastructure Is Crumbling

Water utilities, largely managed by city governments, have never faced improvements of this magnitude before. And customers will have to bear the majority of the cost through rate increases

Western Governors Association to meet in Jackson Hole 6/29- 7/1

Water use, wildlife migration corridors and routes for new power lines will be among the planned topics of discussion when the Western Governors Association holds its annual meeting in Jackson Hole

Telework Helps Virginia and Arizona Recruit and Retain Employees

For employers, telework offers a strategy for recruiting and retaining talent. Telework expands the potential talent pool to include workers who don’t live near a government facility. "It’s really chasing the knowledge and the capabilities, rather than that plus the need to have somebody relocate,"

Problems continue with Montana’s public defender system

There are still many problems in not only Region 10, Richland County’s region, but in most of the other Montana regions.

Government Can Benefit By Learning From Losers

Best practices are all well and good. We make a case for a center to study the worst.

There’s a famous line from one of America’s greatest movies, "Cool Hand Luke."

Include the public from the ground floor up.

The value of performance auditing in government programs.

You need to ask the difficult question: Are results being achieved with public funds? Having the mechanism to ask the question in a targeted but variety of ways is very important. That’s what we’re doing here.