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Raids on Montana investment pool reach $247M. Run on investment fund leaves Fla. cities cash-poor

Earlier this month, Bloomberg Markets magazine identified Montana and Florida as states where some public money is invested in risky funds.

Montana’s SIV investments called into question

The story also notes that Montana has 465-million dollars tied to SIV’s. That’s about one-fifth of Montana’s short term investment program.

CSI: Montana: DNA evidence stacks up due to paltry pay

Wages were so low, the lab didn’t attract a single qualified person to fill the vacancies after several national searches.

State office promotes building power lines in Montana

"We thought we needed more people plugging away at this," says Evan Barrett, the state’s chief economic development officer. "It’s more people, more talent to cover the bases on all the work that has to be done."

The National Governors Association (NGA) Officially Launches Chair’s Initiative: Securing a Clean Energy Future

Initiative First Bipartisan, Governor-Led, National Effort to Promote Clean Energy Policies Across the States

Montana pension returns improve, but still short of nearby states

The pension system received about 18 percent return on investments made by the Montana Board of Investments, which has revamped its strategy over the past couple years in the wake of losses that helped lead to a projected billion-dollar pension deficit.

Bipartisanship Aiding Rookie Governors

Most of the successful governors, Democrat and Republican alike, have taken a moderate and bipartisan approach and reaped the dividends.

Governor Schweitzer orders agencies to pony up $75K for intern fo promote math and science initiative

The Schweitzer administration did not seek authorization for the new job, formally known as an education policy assistant, from the 2007 Legislature, or ask for money to fund it.

Incoming NGA (The National Governors Association) Chair Unveils New Initiative. "Securing a Clean Energy Future"

"America is at a tipping point," remarked Gov. Pawlenty. "Our country is too dependent on imported sources of energy and greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow too quickly. Governors have a tremendous opportunity to lead the country toward a cleaner, more independent, more secure energy future."

Most agree with state’s ‘F’

Transparency is good for everybody. The more information that’s out there, the better. Why should anybody have to wonder?