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University of Florida makes "earth-shaking difference" by licensing tech transfer opportunities to small startups

His strategy involves attracting venture capitalists and top-tier managers and researchers, as well as lawyers, accountants and others with entrepreneurial expertise, to North Florida. Several aspects of that strategy are beginning to take root — most notably the arrival of three venture capital companies: North Carolina-based Eno River Capital, Inflexion Fund and Academy Funds.

California University Research Program Proves Effective

The UC Discovery Grant program, a cooperative research program of the state of California, the University of California (UC) System, and industry has grown from a $3 million initial investment in 1996 to a source…

Technology developed at Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) in Idaho earns more royalties

"INEEL officials credit much of that success to the site’s evolving technology transfer program. Rankin said teams of managers, inventors and attorneys, operating like a business, assess research projects to make sure they are marketable."

BYU Signs Deal With Drug Maker Merck

"He said BYU did not make similar deals relating to Simmons’ discovery in 1991, a time when such considerations were more rare. In retrospect, though, the school missed out on what would have been a fortune in potential royalties."

Proposals are now being sought for WTC’s Spring 2003 Research and Technology Development (RTD) Program.

The RTD program supports partnership projects between Washington companies and university researchers to conduct R&D that benefits the company. Washington Technology Center is initiating a two-phase RTD program. Phase I projects are 9 months long…

Tech Transfer- Paths, Pitfalls to Technology Commercialization of University R&D

Moving ideas from academia to the commercial marketplace is hardly new. But it has become an increasingly popular – and potentially lucrative – method of operation for companies and entrepreneurs alike.

Technology Ventures Corporation takes tech transfer to new markets

"You can trace the number of emerging tech sectors related to spinouts from the universities and labs to the Bay Area," he says. "It’s been an integral part of why this region has been a leading community for an array of technologies.

Faculty, firms receive CU awards for tech transfer

"The awards are a benefit to the university, because it shows the outside world and other faculty people who might not want to get involved (in tech transfer) that this work is of value," Mercure said.

U of Memphis to spread research value -Foundation to help market technologies and Tech Transfer

"I think there’s some incredible technologies that have a chance to generate wealth for the university," he said. "You need a research
foundation to be able to accomplish technology transfer."

Big Patents on Campus-The 2002 University Research Scorecard shows that even in lean times, innovation pays.

What was true for 15th-century Florence, 20th-century Detroit, and turn-of-the-century Palo Alto, has also been true for U.S. universities for the past two decades: Innovation drives economic growth. Thanks to the Bayh-Dole Act, which was…