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Success Factors in University Technology Transfer through Licensing

Successful licensing of research results (sometimes referred to as undeveloped technology) created in universities or federal laboratories is difficult. By Jon Sandelin InnovationMatters t e c h i n g r o u p ….

University Business Incubators: Investing in Ideas

"Many universities are just now figuring out how to do this," admits Dykes. "For some, it may involve changing policies regarding conflict-of-interest issues for faculty who want to get involved in start-ups. You need to develop strong policies that help them get involved in an appropriate way, rather than keep them from getting involved at all."

University of Maryland finds key to increasing Tech Transfer is cooperation

"The university didn’t have a good tech transfer office. There was just no mechanism there. I think that’s changed completely now. It used to be a hurdle getting through the tech transfer office. Now they’re my friends."

University Tech Transfer: Do the Good Die Young?

One of the greatest challenges for university technology transfer offices (TTOs) trying to maximizing commercialization of university technologies is convincing faculty researchers to disclose their inventions, reveals the survey results described in a new working…

Patents, start-ups line university pockets

Universities depend on relationships with companies as a source of funding for programs, but can open doorways to ultimately providing graduates with jobs or internships.

Universities Central to Arizona Economic and Technology Development Plan

"Seeds of Prosperity suggests that the state must learn a new set of rules in order to be competitive within the knowledge economy"

Spurring University Tech Commercialization through Incentives

Since her inauguration in January, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano has pushed legislation intended to increase university tech transfer and commercialization. But will it work? Do economic incentives really encourage university researchers to pursue commercialization goals?…

Examining Tech Transfer- Washington D.C. Region Looks to Turn Public R&D Into Private Business

"On the West Coast, and in Boston, you see professors work half time at a company and half time at their university," said Wayne T. Hockmeyer, chairman of the Gaithersburg-based biotechnology firm MedImmune Inc. "That seems to be absent here, and that has puzzled me for some time."

From lab to marketplace-Colorado School of Mines helps turn ideas into businesses

A Colorado School of Mines professor has developed a test that can identify anthrax cases in just hours versus days and pinpoint E.coli in meat, salmonella in chicken and tuberculosis cases in Third World countries….

Maryland Signs Tech Transfer Agreement with Federal Agency

The Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) and the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) have signed a memorandum of understanding to encourage tech transfer opportunities between the state and federal agencies. Contact: Paul Kalomiris Economic…