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Utah encourages and funds Tech Transfer for sustainable Economic Development

"State economic developers believe Hansen’s project and 14 others have strong potential for job creation. The program aims to help university research projects develop into successful companies, a task program managers say has become more difficult in recent years due to budget constraints."

University Royalties Up 12% in 2001, AUTM Reports

"Technology transfer of academic research is receiving considerable attention by state and local technology-based economic development officials based on the anecdotal success and profits earned at a handful of universities."

Grant watch- Many of the region’s universities and laboratories conduct technological research. The following is a partial list of grant research under way at Whitworth College:

(Whay can’t the schools of the Inland Northwest all provide this type of information? Either individual listings or a combined repository of information could include such things as

* R&D projects proposed but not funded or looking for collaborators

* Ongoing R&D projects with status

* Completed R&D available for license

* Researchers available for projects (this has been done in other states with great success)

* Successful licensing partnerships and their commercialization efforts

This would be great PR for the companies and the researchers. Also great way to better promote the success of R&D efforts at the institutions. Many people are not aware of the amount of money that’s generated from successful commercialization efforts. Could go a long way to raising the perceived
value of education in all states…especially to our legislators. Russ)

INEEL-inspired spinoff firm, NanoSteel, expected to employ 250 in Idaho Falls, ID

"The NanoSteel Co. produces a coating that can be sprayed on metal to increase hardness and decrease corrosion. The "Super Hard Steel" was developed by a scientist at the Idaho National Environmental and Engineering Laboratory and licensed to MILCOM Technologies, a Florida venture firm that specializes in developing new companies."

MSU TechnologyTransfer Office adds Nick Zelver to Staff- 11 technologies licensed since 2002

"The TTO has received 19 invention disclosures
in the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2002, and has
licensed 11 technologies since then. We are also
participating in start-up companies based on MSU

UW’s Severson has a world of ideas to get out the door

"The UW is the nation’s top public university at snagging
research dollars, but it has never mastered the art of sprinkling inventions
into businesses that parlay them into real products. University licensing income fell from $25 million in 2001 to $17 million in
2002. "

WSU wants to help grow businesses – Wolfgang Tolle hired to help university be an economic driver

"Home-grown companies, not those induced to relocate, drive sustained economic growth," Wolfgang Tolle

Going to Market; Universities Try to Turn Tech into Dollars

"The more technology transfer we can capture and commercialize the more we can grow our entrepreneurial pipeline," Melissaratos added."

"The Technology Transfer System" Review by Tony Criswell

ALBERT E. MUIR THE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER SYSTEM. LATHAM BOOK PUBLISHING, 1997. xiii +240 pp. $24.95 (HARDBACK). P. O. Box 908 LATHAM NY 12110-0908. Review by Tony N. Criswell, PMP [email protected] ********************* (Many thanks to…

WSU to get record $18 Million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy

“They do high-quality, impressive work that is noticed back here at headquarters,” said Bryan Wilkes, spokesman for the NNSA. "The grants not only improve the quality of education and research at WSU, they offer the school opportunities to reach out into the state," James Petersen, vice provost for research