Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

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Finding STEM’s ‘Gone Girls’: Why Women Innovators Need a New Deal

With so much recent progress in STEM, how can women still be the Hidden Figures of the patent office?

There’s Nothing Small About These Local (Eastern Montana) Businesses

Many of our towns’ jobs and services are provided by small businesses; they make our communities strong and vibrant.

How to Teach Entrepreneurship by Colin Jones (Author)

Marvelous exercise in bringing a cross-section of topnotch educ theory and practice, couched on entrep ed terms.

Dating to disasters: Missoula entrepreneurs practice their pitch ahead of state business competition event tonight 5/2 in Missoula

When Taylor Margot looks at today’s dating scene, he’s sees a collective wooing. Once upon a time, it played out in public, though times have changed.

A REALLY awesome video about why Missoula and The University of Montana are so great for today’s tech leaders.

Taylor McDermott, a 2017 UM alumna from rural Forsyth, Montana credits UM for her journey to becoming a young leader in the tech world.

Navy invents groundbreaking technology for next-gen screens | TechLink Pulse

Navy scientists developed and patented a groundbreaking technology that could give smartphone and television screens flexible, stretchable, and shatterproof properties. Interested? Read the featured story:

The new and refreshed Main Street Montana website is live.

 The updated site includes a new interactive map featuring the Rural Partner communities we have been working with over the past year.Please share the news!

Early Stage MT 2019 Regional Showcases to begin this week

Early Stage MT 2019 Missoula Regional program kicks off this Thursday, May 2nd at 5pm.

TechLink – Navy lab in Indiana applies for patent on machine vision software

Technology transfer option means businesses can repurpose government inventions

Want to Launch a Business? Why You Should Consider Acquisition Entrepreneurship

Here are some tips for how to make the most of taking over an old-economy business.