Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

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Teens-Only Incubator Announces First Startup Class

"I started my first company when I was 14, and there were a lot of people who generously helped mentor and provide me with valuable guidance along the way. Having benefited from that support network, I think it’s important for seasoned entrepreneurs to pay it forward and proactively lend a guiding hand to our next generation of aspiring tech entrepreneurs and contribute to them hopefully building the next Google or Apple."

Montana Woman Finalist in Today’s Entrepreneur Woman – Judy Helm Wright / Artichoke Press

Vote today for our Montana representative business because the contest will end July 31, 2011.

Senator Tester announces all-star panels for July 22 women’s small business workshop

Senator Jon Tester today announced participants for two panels at his upcoming Small Business Opportunity Workshop in Billings on Friday, July 22.

Gov. Bill Haslam launches Startup Tennessee, statewide program to boost entrepreneurship

With the initiative’s launch, Tennessee becomes the second state in the country — Illinois was first — to implement such a program.

Startup Weekend, Looking to Strengthen Communities for Entrepreneurs, Builds New Startup Foundation in Seven Cities

Startup Foundation is a natural outgrowth of the Startup Weekend phenomenon, which gives entrepreneurs 54 hours to organize themselves into teams and develop proto-companies that are ready to pitch investors for possible seed money.

From the Ground Up: Fostering Entrepreneurship

Recognizing the urgency to kick-start the economy through entrepreneurship, the Kauffman Foundation sponsored the latest issue of Democracy–a Journal of Ideas to examine how the government can promote firm formation and growth.

"Boulder is for Startups"

"In Montana, Bozeman, Missoula and Butte – among others! – in their own ways and on their own scales, all have some of the characteristics Phil identifies in Boulder." Bob Rowe

Are You An Entrepreneur? Here’s How To Tell

Every attempt – and every failure – gets you one step closer to the next success.

We Need More Gen-Y Entrepreneurs to Fuel the Wave

We should look ahead to capitalize on evidence of the positive attributes of Gen-Y from a business perspective, including the following:

The Lean LaunchPad at Stanford–The Final Presentations

The Stanford Lean LaunchPad class was an experiment in a new model of teaching startup entrepreneurship. "Students learned a lot more, in a shorter period of time than in any other entrepreneurship course we’ve ever taught or seen."