Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

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Grant to spark entrepreneurship in Michigan schools

"It is critical that we develop a supportive educational environment for our young people that instills entrepreneurial thinking so they can see themselves as innovators, producers of jobs and financial success."

Entrepreneurs in the making Businesses collaborate to bring young entrepreneurs together

Events like this one help youngsters stay in school and become assets to their community, Chacon said. "This event gets kids outside their comfort zone, and it makes them stretch themselves."

Does the Kid Stay in the Picture? – The story of building Netflix

"If I didn’t get that money, we were toast,"

Universities find unexpected entrepreneurs – Nontraditional students join programs

"But really, it’s basic knowledge that everyone should have to know,"

Age isn’t an issue for entrepreneurs

The world for entrepreneurs is looking brighter every day. No matter what your station is in life, there’s a place for you in the small business world.

The MSU College of Business Hosts Entrepreneur Day, Wednesday 2/23

The sessions are set-up to provide entrepreneurs, students and those considering marketing a product or service, informative sessions that will explore the role of entrepreneurs in Montana, discuss student activities and the review the minor offered in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.

MSU College of Business receives gift to fund Entrepreneurship Program from Jim and Connie Alderson

When asked why he has decided to give such a substantial gift to the College, Alderson said, "Number one, my experience in whistleblowing taught me what a good education I had at MSU and it prepared me to compete at any level. I want to see that expanded. Equally as important I think that entrepreneurism is the answer to Montana’s economic problems. If we can teach chemists and engineers to get a patent and then form their companies in Montana, we will be able to create many good paying jobs."

Feld Thoughts – "Subscribing to this blog is like adding a board member to your team without the stock-option grants."

Why You Should Read It: Everybody else does.

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

Finalists must produce more than just a financially successful business. Their company’s quality, service, adaptation to change and social impact are evaluated by an international panel of judges.

Jane Fonda tells girls at the "Girls For A Change" conference at Montana State University they can change the world

"Girls are the future," she concluded. "Don’t let your power be taken away."