Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

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Want to Launch a Business? Why You Should Consider Acquisition Entrepreneurship

Here are some tips for how to make the most of taking over an old-economy business.

A Cancer Scare Helped This Founder Realize His Need for Community. A Co-Working Space Was His Answer

So far, the club’s community, built largely on word of mouth, is achieving Caberwal’s goal of bringing disparate groups together–of its 1,500 members, 60 percent are women and close to 40 percent are nonwhite.

Online resource center launches to support Missoula’s 250 nonprofit groups

Heather Sundheim, executive director of Living Art of Montana, said the Missoula Nonprofit Center will help her connect with people and organizations that share the same values and goals.

Why now is the time for millennials, Gen Xers to buy a small business

Research shows millions of Baby Boomers will sell or close their businesses during the next 10 years and 72 percent of them lack a succession plan. That is a substantial amount of jobs and valuable businesses at stake.

As the tech industry grows in Montana, are women growing with it?

As the tech sector grows rapidly, women are making gains in Montana.

Billings teen Kathryn Brower and her business, 406 Lips wins challenge for young entrepreneurs

This summer, Bower will attend the Montana Startup Academy, where teens from across the state will meet with MSU professors in Bozeman to try to solve world problems through business.

5 Problems To Solve With Unlimited Startup Potential

Here are five solutions from a classic essay by Paul Graham on “Ideas for Startups” that I believe have even more potential in today’s fast changing environment:

Missoula’s Hellgate Venture Network celebrates 10 years of successful start-ups

The organization connects Montana businesses to resources or other local companies that can help with background logistics like finance, hiring and site selection.

6 Keys To Turning Your Failures Into Business Success

“Fail More: Embrace, Learn, and Adapt to Failure As a Way to Success,” by Bill Wooditch

How to build an investor pipeline and raise a Seed round — a step-by-step guide

It’s a crazy process, but I truly believe that as of this writing there has never been a better time to raise a Seed round as a founder.