Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

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Deeply Vulnerable Writing on Startup Failure

I wish more entrepreneurs would write extensively about their failure experiences in detail.

How Early-Stage VCs Decide Where to Invest

In an investing world glamorized by Shark Tank, Silicon Valley, and “unicorns,” simple, straightforward communication about what drives VC decisions is rare.

Being laughed out of Silicon Valley, because I was from Montana, was the best thing to happen to my startup

At the time, the feedback was humbling, but I decided to grow my company here in Bozeman, as I saw Montana not as a liability, but as an asset.

Women’s coworking space Sky Oro to open in Bozeman, Montana’s Cannery

Called Sky Oro, the coworking space will be for remote workers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Working professionals and stay-at-home moms alike can sign up to be members and attend the multiple monthly events it will put on.

Boulder, Colorado, May Be the Most Relaxed City in America, Thanks to These Founders

Boulder residents enjoy flexible hours and an obsession with health. Entrepreneurs in the city have stepped up with myriad services, from shiatsu to soaks.

Happy Birthday! – 8 Years Since the Corporate Birth of Missoula, Montana’s Submittable

I didn’t expect to become his friend, because, really, friends are rare. As are exceptional companies. Fitzgerald and Submittable are two rare exceptions in this roiling sea of fools and deceivers.

Missoula, Montana’s Last Best Conference on May 30-31 is a chance to define place

This year, I am most excited to hear about new business ideas at the pitch competition.

Missoula, Montana Included In The Inc. 10 Best Small Cities for Entrepreneurs.

Missoula is a true community, rich with character and culture. It is a great place to raise a family, a peaceful place to retire and an epic place to play.

The Fundery: The Essential Venture Capital Database for Women Entrepreneurs

This new tool will help you discover which one might back you.

8 Mistakes First-Time Founders Make When Starting a Business

Money, market, speed and fatigue are all factors that can undo the best business idea.