Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

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Ideas for Fostering Entrepreneurship

"… Identify leaders who will be involved at the state level because education within the state legislature, with a governor, and with governors’ administrations is extremely important. It’s not that the efforts need to be government led, but the government can act as a catalyst and can be a major funding source. …

Entrepreneurial Education Laws in the States

One tool states have used is enacting legislation addressing entrepreneurship, and this document examines such legislation in 18 states.

New program brings equity to Indians going into business

The money is intended to help Native Americans develop or expand private businesses on or near reservations

Indianpreneur Equity Fund to Assist in Indian Business Development in Montana

"Many Indian business owners don’t have access to the owner’s equity
that is available to non-native businesses," said Governor Brain
Schweitzer. "This Equity Fund will help Indianpreneurs achieve their
goals and enhance their community. This is a way to improve the economic
climate of Indian country, one business at a time."

Fifth Graders Learn Business Basics

Entrepreneurship needs to become a standard part of education nationwide as a way to give students a way to take ownership of their futures.

Ahead for business – Montana DECA state convention this week in Helena

“Some of them are at the same level as some marketing consultants I’ve worked with,” McArdle said. “They don’t know my questions ahead of time, and they’re able to think on their feet very well.”

Entrepreneur Day, 2/28, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana

Join us for a great day of learning, discussion and fun as we discover more about entrepreneurism in Montana.

Small-biz nation – Which states are the most entrepreneurial? Which have the most women-owned businesses? Here are snapshots of a few noteworthy locales.

South Dakota boasts the friendliest policy environment for entrepreneurship, according to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, which calculates its rankings based on taxes and regulatory burdens.

Students encouraged to consider entrepreneurship – EntrepreneurshipWeek USA February 24 – March 3, 2007

“We many, many times raise students to go be able to work for somebody, but they don’t honestly look at the mindset that they could create their own business and be an entrepreneur,”

Answer These Questions Before Taking the Entrepreneurial Plunge

To give potential entrepreneurs an idea of the sort of questions they must face when entering business for themselves, I’ve prepared the following checklist.