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Can We Talk? Public Discourse in Montana. A State-wide Conference, October 26, Bozeman Holiday Inn, 9am-5pm

What can concerned citizens and groups do to ensure that effective public discourse will support effective democracy in our state?

Montana Chamber Foundation supports "Path to Eden" project to welcome newcomers

Webb Brown, Montana Chamber Foundation Executive Vice President said "We look forward to working with the newest Montanans, as well as those with the most longevity."

The Percentage of Rural Children Living In Poverty Rises

Child poverty rates increased in rural America during the first six years of the century even as poverty rates nationally declined.

Five of the best neighborhoods in North America

From a Kansas City shopping center to a small town Main Street, these success stories can inspire great things in your community.

A new Medicare "tip sheet"

The four-page document answers common questions for beneficiaries and health care providers, such as what drugs are covered under each part of the Medicare program, and points to additional information available online or by telephone.

"The Bridge" Supporting People with Disabilities to Enforce their Civil Rights "THE MONTANA ADVOCACY PROGRAM"

The room was electric and
the world was lifted in those
moments, not only for the
dancers but for every person
who was there. Was it a
miracle? Maybe.

‘Complete streets’ program gives more room for pedestrians, cyclists

The idea of creating "complete streets" for cyclists, pedestrians, mass transit, and cars is gaining popularity across the country.

Montana HOME 2nd round applications announced

The second round is open to Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) only. During this second round, projects within the entitlement cities of Great Falls, Billings, and Missoula are also eligible.

A Community’s Pedestrian Friendliness Rating Engine Draws Attention On Web. Cool New Thing: What’s Your Walk Score?

How walkable is your house?

Creating A Sense Of Place With Modern Day Main Streets

Cities across the region are reinvesting in their downtowns or creating new ones out of empty fields — all in the hopes of luring or keeping folks just like the Bedards. And they’re spending millions of public and private dollars to do it.