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Should Your General Plan Have A Technology Element?

The viability of a community is linked to its access and use of information and communications technologies. How are communities planning for technology?

Survey says more folks want downtown address – Experts: More housing would be good for Boise

A new survey of Boise residents and downtown workers shows significant demand for new housing choices in the city center — something that national experts say is critical to vibrant downtowns.

Wanted: retirees willing to get involved – "What will I do with the rest of my life?"

Psychologist Erik Erikson once warned against "an initial retirement holiday followed by a dangling and unproductive aging of many years’ duration." To help retirees avoid, or at least postpone, that "dangling and unproductive" period, civic groups could learn from wartime recruiting posters that read, "Uncle Sam wants you."

The 51 Species of Sprawl – A sprawl dictionary describes the many types of sprawl.

"When you see self-storage units, the most important thing to ask yourself is, what’s next?"

New On-Line Toolkit Available for Community Development and Planning

Pathways to Planning is a new on-line tool to help communities diagnose and address their planning issues and needs. The tool, which was developed by the Orton Family Foundation and the Vermont Forum on Sprawl,…

Learning From Paris’ Parks – There’s a common perception that Paris is an untouchable ideal, too lofty for other cities to absorb its lessons. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

"Oh… well that is Paris," meaning that no other city can compare. Our reply is that Paris is a laboratory for learning about all types of public spaces, both good and bad. Each individual public space, each building, and each street can teach us something important.

Traditional living, with a slightly modern twist – New developments are a modern interpretation of the self-contained

"It is the closest we could get to what we left behind," says John Hopton about retiring in a traditional neighborhood development, or TND, in Lynchburg, Va. By Deborah Nason | Contributor to The Christian…

Living large: East-side intentional community stresses simplicity, sustainability

Seeking to preserve the cultural heritage of Native Americans by applying and practicing permaculture techniques, a group of self-described back-to-the-landers are building what they hope will be a sustainable community northeast of Corvallis near Birch Creek.

Main Street is back – ‘Small-Town Feeling’ is attractive to shoppers

Throughout the Bay Area and the rest of the nation, old-style neighborhood shopping districts are sprucing up and sprinkling national chains into their eclectic mix of independent merchants to keep bringing shoppers back.

The De-malling Of California – California’s de-malling movement turns white elephants into urban centers.

But if there is one thing we have too much of in this state, it is a suburban-era infrastructure that is quickly becoming obsolete. And so de-malling will likely to continue apace, as home prices skyrocket, department store chains merge, and Wal-Mart takes over the world.

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