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Montana’s largest wind farm underway near Miles City

There’s money in the quarter-acre wind turbine leases for Montana landowners. In Clearwater’s case, the payouts over the next 30 years are expected to be $226 million. Each turbine, however, takes up about 50 square feet. The land around the turbines is available for grazing and crops.

Property taxes paid to Custer, Garfield and Rosebud counties, where Clearwater is located are $217 million over the same period.

Lying Liars & The Lies They Tell About Electric Cars

Researchers at Yale have examined the claim that EV supply chain emissions cancel out the environmental benefits of driving electric and determined it is false.

Bozeman Fiber project picking up steam

The nonprofit expects to have its financing in the bank soon, CEO Greg Metzger said, and is making headway on an implementation plan to lay out where it want to place fiber optic cables.

The Next Economic Boom and a Roaring 2020s. The next long boom starts now.

Forbes Innovation Rules talks to our favorite futurist, Mark Mills. We discussed his new book The Cloud Revolution, the rise of “digital cathedrals,””and why it all comes back to energy.

Helena-area economy rebounds in 2021

“It did come roaring back, and that’s difficult to say because some businesses have suffered,” said Brian Obert, executive director of the Montana Business Assistance Connection, a nonprofit economic development organization focused on improving the economy and livability of Lewis and Clark, Broadwater, and Meagher counties.

Colorado To Prioritize Climate Impacts in Transportation Projects

Under new state regulations, Colorado transportation projects will be required to reduce GHG emissions and promote more sustainable transportation modes.

Experts Debate Where EV Charging Infrastructure Needs to Be

At a summit earlier this month, experts explored policy questions around electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In general, policymakers should look at all levels of charging to serve as many EV use cases as possible.

A real rural future

The COVID-19 pandemic dispersed many Americans across the nation. And today, cities are not dominant in the hearts and minds of Americans whatsoever. In reality, not only are most Americans more interested in living in rural areas than in big cities, but many living in rural areas are quite optimistic about the future and still believe in the power of hard work.

Bozeman, Montana-based Zoot Enterprises Employees Support Non-Profit Organizations – Great Career Opportunities

Company matches employee contributions, doubling impact.

Research: Migration Key to Rural Economic Development

According to the researchers, the majority of new businesses opening in rural counties are operated by people “between the ages of 50 to 74.”