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A little better perspective on tech in Idaho

State leaders, either they get it or they don’t when it comes to tech. To me the bottom line is that we have a great tech story to tell.

And it’s a story that we need to do a better job of getting out there.

Idaho Career Opportunity – Director of Alumni & Parent Relations – College of Idaho

The college was recently ranked the 20th best college in the U.S. for "More Things to Do on Campus" by the Princeton Review and is regularly ranked in various publications as a top college in the Pacific Northwest and nationally.

Central Idaho officials trying to lure more teachers

The Blaine County Education Foundation announced earlier this month that it has awarded its first "forgivable loans" to help two Wood River High School teachers make down payments on homes.

Titan could be high-tech springboard. Aerospace certification could attract others

"We’re chasing dragons, and slaying them daily,"

Idaho State University names new head of research – Pamela Crowell

“Her success,” continued Vailas, “in receiving funding from federal grants and commercialization of biotechnology will be valuable to the ongoing efforts of Idaho State University’s medical and energy research portfolio.

PakSense technology, New CEO comes home to Boise, Idaho

David Light, a former Boisean and a California angel investor, went to a Keiretsu Venture Forum in CA last year to hear from companies needing money. After he heard a pitch from a Boise company, he went to work for it instead.

A Mining Town With a Bleak Past Starts to Blossom. Kellogg, Idaho

“Our thought was, ‘Can we get something very affordable, enjoy it and see some appreciation,’ ” Mr. Greenwell said. “And it’s worked out pretty well.”

Idaho takes another crack at nursing shortage

"The nursing shortage is here now, and we think there needs to be some quick action done to solve this."

A cinema success story. How filmmaker Regina Crosby found a film career in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

"I feel like we only scratched to surface of the potential here."

Coeur d’Alene Indian Tribe overcomes hardship with education, business ventures. Tribe close to huge contract:

"We feel a lot of responsibility to keep growing," Campbell said. "We want to help better our people. The tribe has given us so much, we want to give back. We’re thinking seven generations ahead." The Coeur d’Alene Tribe has about a $250 million annual impact on the region, according to a University of Idaho study released earlier this year. The tribe employs 1,500 through all of its ventures.

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