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12 road-tested team building activities that work for real-life remote teams

These exercises are key because understanding each other on a personal level means we can communicate more effectively and have an easier time distributing roles and responsibilities across the team.

Montana Senator Jon Tester says pandemic has shown big need for better broadband

We’ve got some work to do on high speed Internet, broadband, cell service. They’re all connected.”

Bitterroot College future depends on complicated state laws

The work could actually iron out a process for establishing other community colleges around the state.

Exploring New Research on Pre-K Outcomes

This Policy Brief analyzes 15 research studies on the effectiveness of pre-K outcomes in programs across the country and finds evidence of sustaining effects beyond kindergarten.

More Productive from Home: Governments Learn to Love Remote Work

Despite some hurdles, government through remote work is performing better than expected.

Tester to Senate Leadership: Schools Can’t Afford to Lose More Teachers & Workers

He also recently announced that the Montana Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund would receive more than $8.7 million in funding to bolster education in the state.

Building a coast-to-coast Silicon Valley

What if Silicon Valley companies encouraged them to live and work from the myriad of affordable, livable cities desperate to attract and retain tech talent?

Census Data Funds Job Creation and Training – Montana Census Story of the Week

In this time of employment uncertainty, a complete 2020 Census count of all Montana residents is more important than ever.

COVID-19 showed my company a better way to work—with 50% fewer offices

OpenText didn’t set out to shift to remote work. But it’s gone so well that 2,000 of its 15,000 employees will work from home on a permanent basis.

Dorsey – New Opportunities for Hiring Foreign Physicians in Shortage Areas

This development changes the landscape for J-1 visa waiver availability nation-wide.