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Vote in favor of Bitterroot Valley Community College initiative

Voting for the Bitterroot Valley Community College initiative in the upcoming May 5 election will create many benefits for Ravalli County students, taxpayers and local communities:

Montana State University Billings to cut 82 more programs as part of years-long restructuring

The move comes as the school grapples with enrollment and budget issues and is part of a years-long initiative to streamline offerings. Dubbed “strategic program alignment,” the effort prioritizes programs with high student demand and interest from employers. 

7 Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World Remote work, automation, and telemedicine could soon become the new normal

When the dust settles and the masks come off, the pandemic will have permanently reshaped our social and economic behavior. Here are a few outcomes that seem increasingly likely.

Start thinking now about what comes next with your HR department.

Companies large and small alike probably have no better idea than anyone else when things will go back to “normal,” but I advise companies to prepare for the new normal today — and HR can help provide the light at the end of the tunnel.

Bill Gates says coronavirus will forever alter work, but face-to-face school is ‘totally irreplaceable’

On Wednesday, the Microsoft co-founder was asked during a live Q & A on LinkedIn whether the coronavirus pandemic will forever change how we operate and deal with each other.

Why remote work makes people less productive, and what to do about it

A behavioral scientist notes that working from home during coronavirus quarantine offers a privacy around what we’re doing that could make us less accountable and less productive. Try these tactics to stay on track.

Shopify is sponsoring free computer-science educations—at $110K a pop

Students get no-cost university degrees—and paying jobs at a hot company. But is it smart for schools to place such a big bet on one corporate partner?

Working-Class People Hold Society Together: Class and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted class inequalities. Commentators in the US, UK, and Australia are acknowledging that working-class people are more likely to suffer as a result of both the virus and the measures put in place to contain its spread.

Internet-based program used to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms to be offered to hundreds of Montanans for free

A program delivered entirely online that aims to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms will be offered for free to hundreds of adult Montanans.

Ideas Indoors Series: University of Montana Blackstone LaunchPad Newsletter

Have questions about how to keep your startup afloat? Have you or someone you know been using innovative strategies to earn revenue during social distancing?