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We’ll Need To Reopen Our Cities. But Not Without Making Changes First.

This is an opportunity for some cities to lure new residents who move further away from their offices.

Idaho National Laboratory joins Equal by 30 to pursue equal pay, opportunities, representation for women

Twelve nations, including the United States, and more than 100 public and private sector organizations from around the world have signed on to the Equal by 30 campaign.

Big Tech could emerge from coronavirus crisis stronger than ever

With people told to work from home and stay away from others, the pandemic has deepened reliance on services from the technology industry’s biggest companies, and accelerating trends that were already benefiting them.

The Coming Age of Dispersion – Is Rural Montana Welcoming the Gig Economy?

As one student told me, “I don’t see the point of driving an hour to go from one computer screen to another.”

Analysis: Higher Ed Must Do More to Help Rural College Graduates Return

What if American higher education found ways to support students from rural America who want to return home after graduation?

The College Board will allow at-home testing for AP exams in response to COVID-19

The organization, which administers the SAT and AP exams, announced two new initiatives Friday: 1) Free live and on-demand online AP courses and 2) an at-home AP testing option.

How Restructured Public Education Could Better Serve Everyone

Creating a new 21st-century educational system also requires pedagogical changes like making computing, writing, problem-solving and critical thinking a greater part of learning.

Millennials Find New Hope in the Heartland

If Millennials do not find the Heartland more attractive, even the most well-conceived and articulated economic development strategies will be rendered mute.

Swank programs training future tradespeople at Flathead Valley Community College

The apprenticeship program, administered at Flathead Valley Community College but fully funded by Swank, provides the classroom education and on-the-job training for participants to go from the laborer level to full journeyman-level carpenters at the end of three years.

The Real Threat to Business Schools from Artificial Intelligence

Will MBAs educated today using methods from the past be employable for the jobs of the future?