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Tenkara Summit – USA (A new (ancient) way to fish), 8/27, West Yellowstone, Montana

Tenkara, literally translated as "from heaven," evolved on the island nation more than 200 years ago as Japanese fishermen perfected their method on small, fast-moving, heavily bouldered streams.

West Yellowstone historic walking tour to be showcased in upcoming open house

The open house event will take place on May 23 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the WYED building on the corner of Electric and Firehole Streets.

Rediscover Montana Magazine

"As you begin to think about your summer weekends and holidays, please use the information in this publication to help you see something new, revisit old haunts and make and renew friendships across the state." GOV. BRIAN SCHWEITZER

Explore Montana’s Mineral and Sanders counties

Route of the Olympian trail a good start

Glacier National Park braces for monumental melt

This year, the message is louder than ever.

New Glacier guide gives advice for summiting peaks

What I’m doing here is simply creating an updated guidebook using the modern technology we have available."

A World Away in Yellowstone

Visiting Yellowstone National Park is like visiting another planet, where boiling water shoots into the sky, mud bubbles like a witches’ brew and nature builds intricate fountains from travertine springs.

Fossils fuel a drive to Montana’s dino sites

Montana’s dinosaur trail is all mapped out

"Wings Across The Big Sky" – Montana Audubon’s Bird Festival, 6/3-5, Glasgow, Montana

See a lot of cool birds and learn about opportunities to protect and enhance habitats for many rare and declining birds inhabiting the region via our pre-festival workshops, field trips and afternoon presentations!

Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation announces Montana Folk Festival fundraiser

"Contributions made will now have twice the impact thanks to this challenge by the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation," George Everett of the Montana Folk Festival Executive Committee said in a news release.

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