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Montana Angler Fly Fishing Partners to Offer Lodging with Unique Historic Rail Car on the Yellowstone River

"The Centennial offers anglers a location on the most productive stretch of the blue ribbon Yellowstone River while enjoying luxury accommodations in a unique and historic fashion."

Montana revamps its winter tourism promotion

"For over 50 years I’ve traveled the world with my skis and camera, producing hundreds of ski movies. One winter I was filming here in Montana and I gave up traveling forever. … I could live anywhere in the world, and I choose to live here in Montana." Warren Miller

Montana Department of Transportation Montana Road Report Map

The winter reporting season is November through April and conditions during those months are updated twice a day or as major changes occur.

Visit Montana – The Biggest Skiing, the First National Park and (of course) Steak

Land in Bozeman, ski through Big Sky, dip into Yellowstone National Park via West Yellowstone and return home boasting a goggle tan, a box of microbrews and tales of frosty glory.

Montana’s Triple Creek Ranch Introduces Exciting Activities for 2012

Whether seeking a romantic getaway, the thrill of mountain adventure, or an authentic cowboy experience, Triple Creek Ranch guests will have their choice of fun new activities or the comfort of familiar pastimes.

Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival will draw climbers from around the country, raise money for plowing Hyalite Road

This week, ice climbers from around the country will head to Hyalite Canyon for the annual Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival.

Bozeman, Montana’s elite climbers and their backyard playground – Hail to Hyalite Canyon Ice Fall Climbing

Conrad Anker has also spearheaded a drive to build an artificial ice tower at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. Along with local architect Mike Everts and MSU students, Anker is finishing up a $4 million campaign to construct the facility. It will be made from recycled shipping containers and will include dorms for visiting climbers and will serve as a high-angle rescue training facility and outdoor concert venue.

Transportation the theme of Montana Folk Festival – July 13/15, Butte, Montana

"The quality and excitement that fans have come to expect at the festival and the rich variety of the performers will continue. They should plan to come expecting to be amazed."

An Ode to West Yellowstone

Every Thanksgiving, what seems like the entire American ski universe descends upon a tiny town on the border of Montana and Wyoming to experience the official start of the season we all worship. This is the West Yellowstone Ski Festival .

Big Sky Resort offers big skiing in Montana

Standing near the 11,000-foot pinnacle of Lone Peak, seemingly halfway between the base of the Big Sky Ski Resort and the actual big sky of Montana, I looked down at the rocky chutes of Big Couloir and the Gullies and had one thought:

"No way."