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Changing the Conversation About Montana Tourism

Since late 2011 Voices of Montana Tourism has been working to change the conversation about Montana’s tourism industry by sharing our story with Montana leaders, residents and news outlets.

Montana’s Historic Virginia City is open for business and celebrating its 150th birthday

"There’s a lot of cool history behind it and there’s a lot of cool people here."

A New Attitude at the Bigfork, Montana Whitewater Festival – 38th annual event targeted to be more family-friendly

It’s a celebration of the return of warm weather and big rapids, all taking place on the aptly named Wild Mile section of the Swan River.

Raging waters: Spring runoff on Lochsa River draws boaters from all over the world

A brief but violent rainstorm last Monday night caused a surge in the Lochsa’s flow, which topped out at over 20,000 cubic feet per second on Tuesday.

Montana Stagecoaches, Shoot-outs and Victorian Balls – Ghost Towns: Virginia and Nevada City

Head Back in Time

Rediscover Montana Magazine – Welcome from Governor Steve Bullock

As you flip through all the wonderful places featured in this publication, block out some time on your calendar to take a trip and revisit the special places that renew your spirit — whether it’s to hike a particular trail, fish your favorite water hole, or see what’s new at a nearby art gallery.

Montana tourism campaign wins over Chicago columnist – Visit Montana – "Step Out of Bounds"

Starting May 1, commuters who board or depart trains at the station – Chicago’s largest, and one of its busiest – have to first walk across Montana. The platforms are covered in giant maps of the state.

Montana tourism takes over an L station in Chicago

For the month of May, the entire Clark/Lake "L" station — the station I ride through twice a day — has become an ad for Montana.

Why you should see Yellowstone by bicycle

My second reason for riding a bicycle into Yellowstone in the spring is that everyone seems so friendly. I’ve visited the park in every season, and springtime visitors always seem to be the most accessible.

Room to roam – Montana Wilderness Association offers 100 free, guided walks

Walks range from easy day hikes to backpack trips and opportunities to take part in trail building and noxious weeds eradication projects. Details about the hikes such as mileage, level of difficulty, elevation gain and walk highlights are included in the catalog.