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Why Startups Need Hierarchical Structure

According to his latest research, startups with flat organizational structures often fail.

A lot more recruiters are hiring tech workers from nonacademic backgrounds

Almost 40% of people who are hiring for positions in tech this year said they regularly recruit developers from nonacademic backgrounds, up significantly from 23% in 2021.

Corporations Are Consolidating Water and Land Rights in the West

With farms, ranches and rural communities facing unprecedented threats, a worrying trend leads to a critical question: Who owns the water?

A regional economic development strategy and why commercial real estate should care

The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act currently under consideration by Congress authorizes the EDA to receive approximately an additional $10 billion in future years for projects, including regional technology hubs.

Viewpoint: Protect Montana small businesses

Currently, big box stores are lobbying for proposals in Congress that will bolster their bottom line at the expense of small businesses.

I do not believe the FCC’s current speed benchmark for broadband, 25 megabits per second download and 3 megabits per second upload, is adequate.” Jessica Rosenworcel FCC Chairwoman

We need to set audacious goals if we want to do
big things.

Focus on Family-Centric Trades Could Save Rural Economies, Entrepreneur Says

A software engineer-turned-farmer looks at over 60 trades that could help keep new generations in rural America and build stronger, civically minded communities.

California’s Keenest Competitors for Tech Jobs are Blue Western States

We found that Washington and Utah have actually created more innovation sector jobs per capita than California over the past decade, while Arizona, Colorado and Idaho have had higher per capita growth rates for such jobs.

Is Your State Ready to Handle the Influx of Federal Funds for Expanding Broadband?

Some states are ahead of the game while others will have to play catch-up.

Big Ideas for Small-Town Revival

“No one is out there to save us as a community, other than us.”