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Are Homes The New Toilet Paper? How Scarcity Has Buyers Taking Extreme Steps

At the height of the toilet paper shortage, people were listing 12 double rolls of Quilted Northern on eBay for $45. But that wasn’t the only product that was in short supply. As the lockdown dragged on, other items became scarce, including thermometers, dumbbells and—yes—houses.

How to get employees ready to return to the office

As vaccination rates rise and employers begin to plan to reopen their offices, there’s a big question: How do you motivate employees to return?

Open banking is big. Here’s why open finance is bigger.

Open banking starts with the premise that consumers have the right to access the data that’s held by their financial institutions — and permit that data to be used by third-parties for the consumers’ benefit.

Pandemic Or Not, There’s A Bipartisan Plan To Kickstart A New Generation Of Entrepreneurs

This nationwide competition is a competitive fellowship. A selection committee would choose 320 entrepreneurs every year for the next 6 years with the goal of getting a business up and running.

Amazon Web Services launches space accelerator program for startups

Startups at all stages of maturity working with space technology or space data are eligible to apply

Minneapolis restaurants offer takeout food without a side of guilt for using wasteful containers

To-go meals often result in a pile of empty containers. A Minneapolis trio hopes to trim the trash. 

10 Dos and Don’ts When Raising Capital for a Fast-Growing New Business

VCs know the score, so any attempt to snowball them won’t work. Tell them what they need to know, though, and you’re likely to get invited back.

The hybrid office is here to stay. The shift could be more disruptive than the move to all-remote work.

The post-vaccine workplace is taking shape, and for many it’s going to be a hybrid model, allowing more remote work but with clear expectations that some days a week will be in the office.

Bosses Are Clueless That Workers Are Miserable and Looking to Leave

A Microsoft study finds 41% of workers may quit this year, while business leaders are “out of touch.”

The Boring Benefits Your Employees Really Want – Free snacks at the office are out–pet insurance is in.

One solution? Voluntary benefits.