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Documents link state-sponsored EB-5 visa program, Keystone XL

The EB-5 visa program, a longstanding federal program in which wealthy foreigners can get green cards for investing $500,000 into certain U.S. projects, is at the core of a still-unfolding scandal in South Dakota involving high-ranking politicians, powerful business interests and alleged criminality.

When jobs fall short, job-creation loan recipients pay penalty

The state Board of Economic Development adopted a new policy today for businesses that receive low-interest state loans for projects but don’t fulfill their job-creation agreements

South Dakota farmers on buying binge – Ag equipment sales fueled by economy, pent-up demand and new technology

The boom has many causes, chief among them a strong ag economy scarcely affected by the 2007 recession.

State, federal officials investigate South Dakota office of economic development

In addition to asking for a criminal investigation, the governor said he has initiated an "independent review" of the state economic development office "to verify that any alleged misconduct was an isolated incident."

Growing a Wine Destination in South Dakota

Over the past five years, the number of wineries in the state has increased from 15 to 25.

Flip side of state business-friendly climate: low wages

Legislature has rejected attempts to boost minimum, and opponents of an increase say a bump could cost jobs

Google, South Dakota company team up on balloon project for Internet Connectivity

The project teams can control the path of the balloons by moving them so they can sail on wind traveling in the right speed and direction. Google developed software to help turn the balloons into a platform for providing Internet access.

The Rural Imperative – Rural Renaissance

The basic infrastructure of the 21st Century, said Bell, is broadband. "We all know roads, rail lines, airports and what they do — broadband is the new one. broadband is the first essential."

Looking for a way to grow your businesses and sustain your community? Become a Dakota Rising Site

"The Japanese proverb ‘None of us is as smart as all of us’ aptly describes the philosophy of Dakota Rising and the resulting outcome of a community’s involvement," Turner said. "Dakota Rising encourages and cajoles a community and its entrepreneurs to stretch, reach and grow with amazing results."

In era when small-town lawyers are vanishing, South Dakota tries subsidies

"South Dakota has enough attorneys–they’re just not in the right locations," said state Senator Mike Vehle, who sponsored the bill. "We do this for doctors, dentists and nurses, so why not lawyers?"