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More companies are hiring a ‘director of remote work’

As many embrace working from home, companies like Facebook are looking to hire a remote work leader.

The Dakotas are ‘as bad as it gets anywhere in the world’ for COVID-19

Both North and South Dakota now face a predictably tragic reality that health experts tell USA TODAY could have been largely prevented with earlier public health actions.

What Biden’s Plan for Universal Broadband Means for Your Business

The Biden administration has stated that it will support cities and local governments that want to build their own municipally-owned broadband networks.

Today’s TED Talk – To save the climate, we have to reimagine capitalism

Hear what a reimagined capitalism, in which companies pay for the climate damage they cause, could look like.

Startups Are Finding the Sweet Spot in a Downturn

It’s counter-intuitive for people to start new businesses in an economic downturn, but startups are prying open new market opportunities that coronavirus pandemic lockdowns have created.

Why Business Leaders Need to Take Data Seriously in 2021

As the amount of data we deal with on a daily basis continues to grow exponentially, it is increasingly important that we use it the right way.

Wild Idea Buffalo Co. in South Dakota Introduces Wild Idea Work Boots – Watch the Film

A Wild Idea – Bison, a Boot and a Family’s Work to Save the Prairie

How the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe in South Dakota created its own wireless education network with help from MuralNet for around $250,000.

Leaders with the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe in central South Dakota say they have found a low-cost solution to the tribe’s computer and internet needs that will aid education but which may ultimately improve life overall in the community.

Manufacturing is a Ticket to Rural Prosperity

Manufacturing businesses are essential contributors to our economic health and wellbeing, infusing $2.38 trillion annually into the national economy.

The Agriculture Industry Didn’t Have a Data Platform–So Sara Menker Created One

Gro Intelligence’s software helps power the multitrillion-dollar agriculture industry.