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Stats debunk South Dakota’s brain drain myth – State attracts more students than leave

In fact, recent trends seem to indicate that South Dakota is doing a better job of luring out-of-staters across our borders to go to college and keeping them here once they graduate.

Authorities target South Dakota Internet lender

Regulators across the country are accusing Martin "Butch" Webb, a member of the Cheyenne River tribe, of illegal lending and collection practices and dodging state limits on interest rates.

’14’ will determine fate of state’s industrial growth – Measure would grant refunds to companies that locate in S.D.

Business groups re-emphasized their support Tuesday for a ballot issue they said would provide tax relief for prospective employers while encouraging economic development in South Dakota.

Pe’ Sla: Help Save Lakota Sioux Sacred Land!

Several Sioux tribes are struggling to come up with $9 million to purchase Pe’ Sla, a sacred parcel of land seized long ago by the government in violation of treaties.

South Dakota is SET for Regional Planning

"In the end, everyone works together so that rural communities can address a broad range of other needs such as regional based planning and leadership development."

The Secrets of Sioux Falls’ Success

We need to give a little encouragement to citizens that and there are, despite the headlines, successful cities in America.

South Dakota Companies Lose Money Amid Labor Shortage

At 4.3 percent South Dakota’s unemployment rate was about half the national average of 8.3 percent in February and the nation’s third lowest.

Debate reignited about how South Dakota awards taxpayer money to businesses for economic development.

No more than 32 companies ultimately have benefited, perhaps fewer. Twenty have headquarters in South Dakota; three are based in foreign countries.

In South Dakota, plenty of jobs, not enough workers

While governors in almost every other state are focused on bringing businesses to their states to help put millions of unemployed residents back to work, Governor Daugaard faces the opposite problem: not enough workers for the jobs that do exist.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Accelerator program assists entrepreneurs

The SDTBC, located in Sioux Falls, S.D., is an on-going effort to diversify and grow the regional economy by assisting in creation and expansion of technology-based business in the area.