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S.D. sees incentives as path to lure jobs

The recent political flare-up raises questions about just what more South Dakota can do to lure new businesses or coax existing companies into expanding.

Wyoming Company Seeks 200 Teachers In South Dakota Expansion

The company trains teachers to use its platform and curriculum, and then lets them set their own hours and teach the English classes from home or from an Eleutian center.

Venture capital takes root in Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Linn Grove Ventures LLC

Leaders are building awareness of the company’s intent in a triangle-shaped market area that will be anchored by offices in the Sioux Falls-Brookings area, the Fargo-Grand Forks, N.D., area and Rochester, Minn.

South Dakota: Black Hills rich in history, mystery

"It is said that as a somewhat deflated George Armstrong Custer lay bleeding in the Montana dirt at Little Big Horn, he turned his glazed and dimming eyes east and said, ‘At least we don’t have to go back through South Dakota.’ "

Dakota Rising: Cultivating Entrepreneurs – Strengthening Businesses – Sustaining Communities

Once again, it is time to renovate the landscape and invest in individuals’ dreams for change. Dakota Rising , an exciting new rural entrepreneur fellowship program, sets the foundation for making those visions possible.

South Dakota’s Growth Is Noticeable in the Midwestern Arena

When considering Sioux Falls to be the major hub of its region (the most proximate major cities are Omaha and Minneapolis, both over 150 miles away) it’s no wonder that many people are flocking there to be a part of its thriving economy that can’t be found for miles.

Numbers show rural small-business boom

"I don’t know if it’s business entrepreneurship or survival."

Brain drain turns to South Dakota gain – But retaining youth only part of equation for small towns

South Dakota now has a brain gain.

Economic development gets a mayoral jolt – City to get more aggressive in attracting jobs

"I believe the mayor’s job is to help lead the charge. That’s what I’m going to do."

Vision California Calls for Compact Development in Established Cities

"bringing commuters closer to their jobs can help Californians drive 3.7 trillion fewer miles and save 140 billion gallons of gasoline by 2050."