Regional Economic Development

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New Study Finds Roads Just Redistribute Growth-Changes in Transit-Oriented Development Could Balance Disparities

"Congestion relief … does not necessarily make for a sustainable and livable metropolis," Cervero observed. "Thus residents of places that are able to build themselves out of traffic congestion might not necessarily like what they get."

Idaho receives 3 broadband grants-N. Idaho tribe gets $2.8 million, the most in U.S.

“This is great for Idaho,” said Mike Field, Rural Development State Director. “We are elated with the success of our applicants in applying, competing and receiving the grant funds. Anything we can do to help rural communities in Idaho become more economically viable is a step in the right direction.”

N. Dakota population loss benefits smelly hog farms

Hog farmers with huge, smelly operations don’t mind that a depressed agricultural economy is forcing farmers out of the region. Billings Gazette Producers say the declining population of Towner County in north-central North Dakota makes…

EWU sponsors regional economic conference this week.- Spokane

The 37th Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference opens Wednesday at the DoubleTree Hotel City Center, and is being organized by Eastern Washington University’s Department of Economics. The event, which is expected to draw more than…

Theorist sees Economic Development distance learning going a long way

”So in a sense, Porter’s course is an end run, a way to engage professors around the world in a new way of thinking about economic development. I would guess that we’ll have at least 30 universities participating next year,” Porter said, thinking out loud, ”and it may be 50. I don’t see any reason why we can’t have 100 or 150 within a few years. . . .

Idaho funds technology in tight budget year

"Idaho is moving forward while other states are moving backwards in the face of the national economic slowdown." Gov. Dirk Kempthorne The governor said despite reductions in most agency and department budgets, he was able to preserve and increase funding for public schools. K-12 education received approximately $16 million more in fiscal year 2004 than in the FY 03 appropriation."

How States Are Using Arts and Culture to Strengthen Their Global Trade Development

"Several states – looking for a greater edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace – are incorporating arts and cultural exchanges in their international trade and business development approaches. One state official describes these activities as building a network of personal ties, or "a human infrastructure," that is an indispensable tool for expanding trade."

Utahns to share their secrets of success

Hundreds expected to gather for rural business conference ST. GEORGE — "Boo" and "Bee" found fame and fortune in cyberspace, but their hearts belong to Hurricane. By Nancy Perkins Deseret News staff writer Popularly known…

Edmonton mayor, Bill Smith, talks of partnership with Spokane- Both can benefit

"I see this as the beginning of a very long relationship," Smith said. "I’m going to work hard to keep this spark alive."
(Regional cooperation is crucial for economic success in the Inland Northwest- Russ)

Wyoming Employers OK with community college grads

Employers are generally satisfied with Wyoming community college graduates’ skills and work habits but not with the general pool and skills of available labor in the state, a survey showed. Billings Gazette Nearly 40 percent…