Regional Economic Development

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A timber town learns to care for the forest

Perched on the easternmost edge of Oregon timber country, where scattered mountain ranges fade into the high desert, the hamlet of Lakeview is an apparition. All indications suggest that it should be dead and gone,…

Exploring the Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions of the Governing of Metropolitan Regions – Governance affects the long-term competitiveness of the metropolitan economy.

A metropolitan region does not have formal institutional structures such as nations, states, and cities, but it is a system that can be conceptualized and studied as a whole. The study of metropolitan areas too…

Denver study spotlights hurdles for businesses

The city is doing the right thing by studying how to keep existing companies content before pushing to recruit outside firms, said Tom Clark, executive vice president of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp.

NWETC Newsletter – What’s New? – September 2004

Could your company benefit from research and development funding?

AEO Training Manual: Rural Microenterprise Development Organizations

The purpose of this manual is to encourage rural MDOs to utilize a more holistic approach in their business development work.

Economist: Wyoming looks ‘fabulous’

While Wesbury focused his comments on the burgeoning national economy, he said Wyoming will share in that growth for reasons besides its energy industries.

Angel Investors an Alternative for Fueling Economic Growth

Moore County is trying a new way to develop its economy other than by chasing the elusive giant industry bringing hundreds of jobs. The approach is called "angel investing," where wealthy individuals give money to entrepreneurs. The point is to link innovative people with potential investors.

Salt Lake City again tops list for entrepreneurs

The Salt Lake-Ogden metro area has topped the growth rate list for at least the past two years, reflecting a larger growth trend throughout the West, said Sharon Hadary, the center’s executive director.

Food-Focused Entrepreneurs

If you watch reality TV shows like The Apprentice, you get a pretty skewed picture of how to succeed as an entrepreneur. But, some shows do get it. Foodies with an entrepreneurial bent should take…

U.S. Land of Potatoes (Idaho) Aims to Be High-Tech Hotbed

"I think this is the hotbed of entrepreneurship in the country right now," "Screaming and kicking is the only way I’d leave Boise,"